The State of Architecture: ArchDaily 2021 Trend Forecasting & Analytics

With the major happenings of the past year, our built environment and people’s needs within it seemed to change. Different ways of Architectural thinking and design solutions were put forth, showing how global events are capable of pushing the limits of the profession, increasing our responsibility, and also our opportunities to contribute to a better quality of life in every possible way. At ArchDaily, we have continued to connect with architects and designers from all over the globe and have shared diverse works, all displaying relevant implementations and architectural solutions that have an impact on our community. 

In response to the published works, we have experienced different reader behaviors that indicate how architectural production can actually have an impact on designers and non-designers all over the world. This led us to create ArchDaily’s Annual Architecture Report which analyzes the most popular trends and topics in the architecture world over the past year, in an effort to understand, discuss and forecast the trends for 2021.

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