The Roof Of This New Extension Curves Upwards To Provide Sunlight And A View Of The Original House

The Orchid
At the beginning of 2016 florist ‘Caladium’ was forced to replace its pavement in order to undertake works in the sanitation of the building where it is located. Taking advantage of this situation, the owners decided to entrust us with the business reform. Over the years, this store had been characterized by being a place full of vegetation but at the same time full of disparate objects, disordered and piled up in a small space with poor lighting. This situation caused that the star product of the florist, the orchid, did not have a leading role and went unnoticed among the general accumulation of flowers and objects. The intervention, which counted on scarce economic means, aimed to make this place cozier with very basic elements: air and light.

Ben Callery Architects have recently completed a contemporary extension to a brick house in Melbourne, Australia, that's home to a new open plan living space with a home office, dining area and kitchen.

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