The New Normal: Touch-free Faucets for Restrooms in Public Buildings

After a few atypical years, the hustle and bustle of a day in the city is back to what it used to be: leaving the house and going to the office, taking the car, bus or plane, grabbing a quick bite to eat in a restaurant, stopping by a museum or a bookshop to get some fresh air and, if we have any energy left, hitting the gym before heading home. In less than 24 hours we pass through several buildings with all kinds of rooms, but they all have one thing in common: the bathroom.

Designing a bathroom can be one of the most challenging but exciting tasks for architects, as both its elements and fittings must provide a safe and hygienic experience for all those who use it on a daily basis. Before COVID-19 came along, there was already a growing trend: the use of non-contact infrared taps. As the name suggests, these are taps that are activated by a sensor that detects the movement of the hand – almost as if by magic.

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