Ten residential interiors framed by statement windows

Courtyard with tree in Casa UC, Mexico

From circular openings in an Indonesian dwelling to the lofty skylights of an English barn-style house, our latest lookbook features 10 residential interiors with striking windows.

At their most basic, windows are defined as openings in walls, doors and roofs that are typically sealed by a transparent material such as glass that allows you to look through it, and can be opened to introduce fresh air into a space.

Architects and designers often use unusual windows in their projects to create visual interest within both residential and commercial interiors.

These can include distinctive floor-to-ceiling glazing, dramatic lightwells, and windows with added window seats for peaceful contemplation, as seen below.

This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen’s archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks showcasing multi-generational homes, eye-catching corridors and tiled bathrooms.

Living room in Bismarck House by Andrew Burges Architects
Photo is by Peter Bennetts

Bismarck House, Australia, by Andrew Burges Architects

Bismarck House is a holiday home in the Sydney suburb of Bondi, Australia, with floor-to-ceiling glazing that was designed with the idea of a “continuous garden” in mind.

To reinforce this concept, Andrew Burges Architects applied a robust material palette to the ground floor that intends to connect interior and outdoor spaces, including curvy wicker armchairs set against galvanised steel columns.

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Photo is by Sanden+Hodnekvam Arkitekter

Brickhouse with Tower, Norway, by Sanden+Hodnekvam Arkitekter

Oslo studio Sanden+Hodnekvam Arkiteker added a brick-clad tower to this house in Lillehammer, Norway, which features a double-height living space illuminated by large rectilinear windows.

Surrounding city and lake views are framed by wood-lined interiors including ash plywood ceilings and exposed pine beams, which were chosen for their warm and welcoming feel.

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Burnt House by Will Gamble Architects and Smith & Butler looks like a Japanese tea house
Photo is by Ståle Eriksen

Burnt House, UK, by Will Gamble Architects

A charred-wood window seat takes centre stage at Burnt House, an extension to a Victorian property in west London by Will Gamble Architects that has a design informed by Japanese teahouses.

Built into a large expanse of glazing with gridded steel frames, the window seat offers a quiet space to relax. It was charred with a blowtorch using the traditional technique known as Shou Sugi Ban.

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The Guild by Raw Architecture
Photo is by Eric Dinardi

The Guild, Indonesia, by Realrich Sjarief

Architect Realrich Sjarief created The Guild as a multipurpose house and studio for his firm RAW Architecture in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The geometric building is defined by circular windows flanked by arch-shaped openings that offer views of the garden’s tranquil pond from the living and dining room on the ground floor.

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Lounge windows in St John Street warehouse apartment by Emil Eve Architects
Photo is by Mariell Lind Hansen

St John Street, UK, by Emil Eve Architects

Local practice Emil Eve Architects paired tiled, loft-like windows with exposed brick walls in this renovated warehouse apartment in Clerkenwell, London.

“Although an industrial palette can feel quite raw and harsh, the materials here had such a beautiful range of tones and textures that we knew we wanted to retain them,” explained Emil Eve co-founder Emma Perkin.

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Artists studio
Photo is by VATRAA

London home, UK, by VATRAA

Another London home, this converted artist’s studio by VATRAA includes a six-metre-high lightwell that illuminates the house from its top level to its basement.

The open-plan ground floor is decorated with minimal furniture including a silver-toned rectilinear kitchen island and slouchy grey sofa, while a petite, cottage-style window adds further light to the interior.

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Living room in White Arrow schoolhouse
Photo is by White Arrow

The Historic Schoolhouse apartment, USA, by White Arrow

A trio of arched windows creates an airy but cosy atmosphere in this former Williamsburg schoolhouse in New York, which was converted into an apartment by design studio White Arrow.

“To celebrate the heritage of a landmarked 1800s Brooklyn schoolhouse, we transformed a utilitarian artist loft into a glamorous home, rich with period-appropriate detail,” said the firm.

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North Bank by Elliott Architects
Photo is by Jill Tate

North Bank, UK, by Elliott Architects

This barn-like house in England’s Tyne Valley includes a double-height living space with square windows along the ground floor and skylights embedded in the roof, which follow the path of the sun throughout the day.

Soft, shaggy rugs and cylindrical cushions contrast rustic wooden furniture in a casual seating area that is positioned directly below the volume’s exposed wooden gabled roof.

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Graux Baeyens
Photo is by Jeroen Verrecht

Destelbergen home, Belgium, by Graux & Baeyens Architecten

Light-filled interior spaces are positioned atop a concrete plinth at a renovated 1960s chalet in Destelbergen, Belgium, by Ghent-based practice Graux & Baeyens Architecten.

Terrazzo flooring and neutral-hued furniture blend with the leafy scenery seen from large timber-framed windows in the living room, while the space’s chunky concrete accents double as bench-like seating.

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Interior courtyard with a tree
Photo is by Dane Alonso

Casa UC, Mexico, by Daniela Bucio Sistos

Mexican architect Daniela Bucio Sistos matched circular windows with a disc-shaped canopy positioned over a courtyard at Casa UC in Morelia.

Set into pigmented concrete walls, the smooth glazed windows juxtapose a series of textured red brick partitions laid in a non-flush manner that alternates between protruding and receding.

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This is the latest in our series of lookbooks providing curated visual inspiration from Dezeen’s image archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks showcasing homes with water features, open-plan studies and bedrooms on mezzanines

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