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Carrillo Puerto Theater / ASPJ

November 30, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

The Public Forum of the small coastal town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto represents a community that embraces the ancestral Mayan knowledge of building with natural materials in relation to their environment. The municipality has exuberant vegetation and its geographical condition, in the middle of a mangrove swamp and a low deciduous forest, makes it one of the last refuges in the world for various species of wood.

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Paamprokan Square / SHAU Indonesia

November 26, 2022 Bianca Valentina Roșescu 0

Pangandaran is a town on the south coast of West Java with a population of 420.000 people in 2020, locally known for its beach and nature tourism. Paamprokan square is part of Governor Ridwan Kamil’s priority public space programs for West Java. ‘Paamprokan’ means ‘to gather’ in Sundanese. This public space is an example of a public-private synergy with a developer. To gain direct access from the beach road to their property area through government-owned land, the developer donated the construction of the square. 

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Adana Sucuzade Urban Square / PLUG

November 11, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

Adana Seyhan Sucuzade Urban Square was acquired by a national architectural competition in 2016 and its construction started in  2017. Opposed to the existing low-rise conglomerate, the proposal mainly rests on reducing a large footprint in the city to create more public space. 19.000 m2 public square is produced in a 34.000 m2 urban plot. Which consists of existing clusters formed by municipal regulations.

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Butterfly Garden in Papalotla / Taller Capital

November 7, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

This project is part of a group of strategic interventions, established within an action plan for several municipalities in the State of Mexico. The Papalotla Natural Butterfly Garden and Public Space, located at the head of the municipality of Papalotla, with a population of 3,963 inhabitants, is relevant as it seeks to restore the character of this town through a public space project.

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PILARES Cultural Center / Rozana Montiel | Estudio de Arquitectura

October 26, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

PILARES (for its acronym: Points of Innovation, Freedom, Art, Education, and Knowledge) is an urban project of social impact developed by the Government of Mexico City that aims to generate community centers for citizen encounters. The PILARES are strategically distributed in vulnerable areas of the city that lack cultural infrastructure. Our project is located in the Colonia Presidentes de México, Iztapalapa, one of the most densely populated municipalities in the city. The program includes a cyber school, arts and crafts workshops (serigraphy, jewelry, plumbing, and gastronomy), sports facilities, a dance and yoga room, a vegetable garden, and rooms for entrepreneurship and job training.

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Tapachula Station / Colectivo C733

October 20, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

Tapachula´s Railway Station was inaugurated at the beginning of the 20th century; with an eclectic and art deco appearance that by the seventies would become modernist. In October 2005, Hurricane “Stan” collapsed the rail system in several sections, making it impossible for the train to function. Given the magnitude of the disaster, it proved unfeasible to rebuild. The place that long served as the gateway to Mexico, as well as the heart of Tapachula, gave rise to a garbage dump; at night, housing and latrine for homeless people.

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Escadinhas Footpaths / Paulo Moreira Architectures

October 16, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

‘Escadinhas Footpaths’ is a project that links architecture, art, and the natural world. It is a network of pedestrian footpaths linking the hilly neighborhood of Monte Xisto to the banks of the River Leça in Matosinhos. The initiative is intended to demonstrate the added value that low-budget projects can bring to more ‘hidden’, neglected urban spaces in our cities.

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Copenhagen at risk of “becoming homogenous and self-satisfied” warns CAFx director

October 13, 2022 Nat Barker 0

Copenhagen remains a difficult place to live for too many people, despite its reputation as one of the best cities in the world, says Copenhagen Architecture Festival boss Josephine Michau in this interview. “For me – a person with an able, white, cis-gendered and average-sized body – the design infrastructure of the city is great

The post Copenhagen at risk of “becoming homogenous and self-satisfied” warns CAFx director appeared first on Dezeen.

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Riverside Walk in Seixal / RISCO

October 11, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

The project site is a 2.1-hectare strip of land running parallel to the riverside avenue in Seixal, the main town of the municipality of Seixal, on the south bank of the Tagus River, across from Lisbon. The site is bordered by the river and the town’s historical center, whose buildings have symbolic and morphological characteristics that make it a unique asset in terms of heritage and culture.

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Longgang Core Area Overpasses Design / FCHA

October 11, 2022 Yu Xin Li 0

Project background
As a pilot area for the network integration of rail transit, bus and slow traffic system proposed by Shenzhen Municipal Government, the “Three Pavilions and One City” area in Longgang stipulates that the major developers must plan and implement the “Tri-Network Integration” transportation system within the scope of 0.8 square kilometers through the restriction of land development conditions. FCHA collaborates with Vanke Urban Research Institute to plan, design and implement the system, a total of 9 overpasses and weatherproof corridors along the street are set up in the central urban area of Longgang, connecting subway stations, bus stations, businesses and residential areas, which has the originally isolated and closed urban functional groups connected together in a three-dimensional way, which realizes the all-weather three-dimensional and convenient traffic network.