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Shaoxing Rice Wine Town Reception Room / gad

December 27, 2021 Xiaohang Hou 0

Shaoxing rice wine has a long history and its culture is deeply rooted in this soil. Dongpu Town, where the project is located, has been the center of the Shaoxing wine industry since ancient times, and is known as “Shaoxing old wine comes from Dongpu and you can smell the aroma of wine ten miles away from Dongpu “. The original site was a workshop for producing rice wine, now its red brick chimney is preserved. In the early stage of the project, it will be used as Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Exhibition and Experience Hall, including yellow rice wine cultural experience exhibition, bookstore, flower shop, and other functions. Later, it will be converted into a waterfront commercial building containing three restaurants and a bookstore.

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Showroom for Stieglitz Academy / AMD

December 4, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

The goal of the project is to create a showroom for students in the hall of the Museum of the Baron Stieglitz Academy of Design in St. Petersburg. The showroom will become a showcase of the best works of Academy students and a store of design and art objects at the same time. For conservative St. Petersburg, a rather rare combination of palace space and modern technological aesthetics.

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Six N. Five Studio Renovation / Isern Serra

October 31, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

The project consists of a transformation of a ground floor establishment into a workspace for creative studio Six N. Five. A multifunctional studio, aimed at offering office space and a showroom for exhibits. Adding an area for talks and presentations, an at-home workshop for producing prototypes, a leisure and virtual reality area, and a specialty coffee cafe. In short, a small multidisciplinary space, open to the city with large cultural proposals. The space is located in Barcelona, in the neighborhood of Poblenou. An “L” shaped space, with direct street access and a large back terrace.

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Collins Experience Center / MuseLAB

October 8, 2021 Pilar Caballero 0

With the intersection of soft shapes and simple geometry, the idea was to create a completely immersive experience for the Collins India Modular Kitchen and Wardrobe Experience Center. Each cave (space) within the inner hall allowing for each product displayed to stand on its own and work as a collective. The plan and sectional relationship are what defines this gallery-like approach. The redefined architecture of the space divides the gallery into two distinct spaces functionally; the inner hall and the outer shell.

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Roca Tile Cersaie 2021 Showroom / Masquespacio

September 29, 2021 Agustina Coulleri 0

The space designed for Roca is born from an evocative reading of the classic architectural order, with a strategic distribution of the different elements that will shroud you in the room completely.  Spheres, cylinders, cones, cubes and prisms blend together in polychromatic columns around the central space. 

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Showroom bulthaup Sant Cugat / Francesc Rifé Studio

September 5, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

With the feeling of opening a chapter in the history of the German kitchen brand, softness, details, and warmth mark the new image of bulthaup Sant Cugat. Its new interior, more intimate and personal, is the result of the collaboration between the designer Francesc Rifé and the showroom’s owner and designer, Caterina Masferrer. “The idea behind the new design is to evoke family warmth and take the project towards a more domestic concept,” they explain. More like a home than a business, more private than exposed, closer than impersonal. To achieve this, serene materials and a warm chromaticism have been selected rooted in the identity of bulthaup. The natural or stained oak in different tones is balanced with the concrete floors, while the neutrality of the walls and concrete ceilings shape most of the space.

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Machiya Townhouse / 07BEACH

August 29, 2021 chlsey 0

Kyoto Machiya (traditional townhouse) has been renovated into a showroom for a Kimono shop and photo studio. The client told that it was difficult for a Kimono business to just keep its tradition and that they wanted something interesting that would attract customers.

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Maruhiro Office “Ouchi” / DDAA

July 15, 2021 Hana Abdel 0

The office of the Hasami pottery brand Maruhiro is a project to renovate an 86-year-old Japanese house located just behind “Hiroppa”, a complex project including a park and directly-managed store currently under planning at DDAA.