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Office & Library Space GB65 / Metro Arquitetos Associados

May 16, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

METRO Arquitetos Associados, led by partners Gustavo Cedroni and Martin Corullon, was commissioned to design the office, library, and studio of art director Giovanni Bianco – GB65. The spaces are located on different floors of the same building in the Jardins district, in São Paulo, in an area of 140m2 each.

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Falmouth Memorial Library / Simons Architects

May 7, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

The Falmouth Memorial Library had its beginnings in a home the library purchased in 1951. As the demand for services and space increased, the library constructed an addition in 1995 with a large meeting room and additional children and adult areas. Since that expansion, there has been a 238% increase in circulation, putting a growing strain on the already tight space.

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Swadhyay Reading Room / BandukSmith Studio

May 4, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

In the Border Securtiy Force (BSF) campus of Gandhinagar, the Swadhyay Reading Room, designed for the children of BSF wards, sits nestled amidst a beautiful green canopy. Mimicking the ancient ashram tradition of studying under the trees, the simple, relatable form, both in terms of its spatial arrangement as well as its structural form, add a layer of cover to the vibrant setting. The 160 square meter project was constructed in a short span of ten weeks, made possible by the efforts of a dedicated construction team, and a design that is optimized for speed.

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Ogre Central Library and Marriage Registry / PBR Architects Bureau

April 30, 2022 Bianca Valentina Roșescu 0

The raw beauty of forest and river combined with the warmth and comfort of small historic wooden summer houses with pitched roofs are the main characteristics of resort town Ogre, that inspired the new community library. The new building was carefully placed on the hilly site to preserve as much natural forest cover as possible. The idea of the new building staying behind the trees and looking through them resembles the bit shy and introverted nature of Latvians.

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Riverside Main Library / Johnson Favaro

The new library sits on a city-owned 2½ acre property, east of Market Street on Mission Inn Avenue, within walking distance of the Mission Inn and the city’s cultural and business district. The two-floor library volume sits 36 feet in the air on massive concrete piers, creating an 8,900-square-foot shaded outdoor public plaza as the entrance to the phase two paseo. The new covered plaza will host evening performances, weekly farmers markets, book fairs, and other community events. A new City Archive, Community Room, and Friends of the Library Bookstore are at street level at the perimeter of the plaza.

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Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center / Marble Fairbanks Architects

March 29, 2022 Andreas Luco 0

The Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center is one of the fifty-eight neighborhood libraries that make up the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) system. Distributed throughout the borough of Brooklyn, this network of libraries provides essential educational, cultural, and social services to the diverse communities they serve. Funded in part from a Legacy Grant from the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund, this project is the result of an active engagement between BPL and the community.

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Media Library Les Sources Vives / MU Architecture

March 14, 2022 Bianca Valentina Roșescu 0

The Media Library ”Les Sources Vives” blurs the line between architecture and sculpture, object and landscape, interior and exterior. Outside, the zinc roof comes together in a refined origami structure resonating with the arcades of the viaduct and the architecture of the Cultural Center. The roof structure unfolds like a large and transparent book where you are invited to enter to make it your own.

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Kozakai Kifukan Community Center / Yasuyuki Ito + C+A Coelacanth and Associates

March 12, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

This core community building in the Kozakai district of Toyokawa contains a community center, library, children’s center, and city hall branch office. The design was selected in a 2017 competition. The spatial appeal of a mixed-use buildings such as this comes largely from its handling of common areas. While individual spaces such as the meeting rooms, music studio, event hall, and kitchen are of course also important, it is the natural overflow of sounds, sights, and other hints of activity into the common areas that gives the facility as a whole its vibrancy.

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Pierrefonds Public Library / Chevalier Morales Architectes + DMA

February 27, 2022 Clara Ott 0

Defined as the combination of a park and a shopping mall, both considered as highly attended “third place”, this innovative library embodies an ecosystemic vision where the programs and the relations between them are developed with the same level of attention. It is a true social and information exchange network that takes shape into a complex circulation structure that renews the library experience with each visit.