Seat Usage Reporting is Now Available in the Autodesk Standard Plan

Seat usage reporting is essential to understand how the users use licenses in your company. You can have insight if you have enough licenses and which products the users use. This information helps users to manage their investments effectively. The capability was previously only available in the Autodesk premium plan.

In October 2022, Autodesk added this capability to the standard plan. It means all subscriptions can use this feature.

Seat Usage Reporting details example

Why did Autodesk add this feature to the standard plan now? I think it’s related to Autodesk’s flex token earlier this year. The report allows end users to decide if it’s more efficient to purchase an annual subscription or purchase flex tokens for occasional users.

However, you can only purchase flex tokens from very limited eligible partners at the moment. You can purchase flex tokens directly from Autodesk, but it means you don’t have a local partner to support you.