Revit 2019-2022 Supports Windows 11

Last week Autodesk announced that Revit 2019 to 2022 supports Windows 11. You can see the announcement here: Autodesk Revit now supports Microsoft Windows 11. The Revit system requirements page is already updated to reflect this.

Does it mean Autodesk released an update or hotfix to make Revit supports Windows 11? No. It means Autodesk finished testing all supported Revit versions on Windows 11. And they found no issue with Revit running on Windows 11. Good news for you if you only use Revit on your computer.

However, it seems that Revit is the only Autodesk software that’s already tested for Windows 11. I checked on other products’ system requirements page, none of them seems to mention Windows 11 supports. I checked AutoCAD, Navisworks, and Inventor.

If you use other Autodesk products as well, I would suggest you wait for upgrading to Windows 11.