Remodelled Apartments Under 40 Sqm Fresh From Ukraine (With Floor Plans)

Providing inspiration for small apartment remodels, these two home designs from Ukraine demonstrate intelligent use of limited floor area. Each apartment interior has been minimalistically styled in order to achieve a sense of functional spaciousness within their compact 40 square metre confines. Storage volumes assist the clean flow of the layout, whilst colourful accents freshen and enliven. We look at the open flow of a studio with a portiere shrouded bedroom, in contrast to the segmented approach of an apartment that squeezes in a separated cosy lounge, kitchen diner, glass wall bedroom and home workspace. All the floor plans are included at the end of each home tour to lock down the details.

Visualizer: Illia Masko &Yelyzaveta Masko  

Measuring 38.67 square metres in Dnipro city center, Ukraine, this compact apartment remodel is minimalistic yet cozy and atmospheric. A combination of colours have been used to enliven the space. A muted pea green sofa with yellow accent cushions and a grape coffee table are united by a calming silver grey rug.

The small size of the apartment demanded that every square meter be put to intelligent use. The media unit on the lounge TV wall flows into and under the kitchen peninsula, creating an interesting and colour coordinated overlap.

As this is a studio apartment, the bedroom stands open to the living room. To create a spatial divide, the bed is set onto a deep platform that has drawer storage installed around the base. A portiere draws around the sleeping area in a green colourway that harmonizes with the adjacent couch fabric.

Arcing kitchen pendant lights make the most of the generous ceiling height.

Black track lights illuminate the rest of the living space, mounted against an industrial raw concrete ceiling plane.

Glass vases and artwork provide light decoration over the charcoal fitted furniture.

Studio apartment floor plan.

All of the storage for the home, including clothing closets, are located in the walkway toward the home entryway.

Bar stools can be added along the kitchen peninsula to make a comfortable dining area.

Designer: BeSense Studio  

Our next 40 square metre home redesign in Lviv, Ukraine, turned a one room apartment into a two room apartment. Scandinavian minimalism was employed to fashion the space into a clean and organised space with functional zoning.

The couch and decorative vases bring blue accents into the decor scheme. A plethora of coffee table books give the small living room a homey feel.

Despite the limited proportions of the project, separate areas have been achieved for the bedroom, kitchen/diner, lounge, foyer, and study.

The chosen materials are simple, natural and light for an easy breezy aesthetic.

Storage spaces have been given careful consideration to keep zones streamlined.

The glass partition between the bedroom and the kitchen allows the two rooms to feel more spacious, whilst also playing a decorative role.

A modern dining room floats between the kitchen work area and the bedroom.

Thick curtains draw around inside the bedroom’s glass walls for privacy and added sound insulation from the kitchen diner.

An aqua blue glass backsplash brightens the wood effect L-shaped kitchen.

The top of the wooden cabinets are blanked out in a stripe of white to introduce a sense of space and light. White track lights blend with the white ceiling to simplify the scene.

A dining room pendant light threads across the ceiling from a wall mount, allowing the fixture to descend perfectly over the new dining set.

Floral plants bring natural beauty into the home, whilst sheer white drapes block out the manmade city view.

A tufted cube entryway seat fits ideally into a corner situation opposite the front door. The square silhouette of the pouf is complemented by contemporary geometric floor tiles in soft shades of grey.

A round wall mirror and coat hooks bring a basic black accent to the hallway.

Under-cabinet lighting achieves a cosy ambience.

The continuous flow of blue smoothly unites the different areas of the home from every angle.

Cool grey paintwork gives the walls light shading without overwhelming small quarters.

A bedroom pendant light glows softly at each side of the sleeping nook, illuminating a built-in headboard that’s deep enough to hold books and decorative items.

The limited floor space at the foot of the bed is consumed by a neat makeup table, which is curtained from the kitchen’s view.

A small circular vanity mirror above the modern vanity table adds more light into the shaded bedroom area. Clerestory windows slide open to welcome ventilation.

Wood effect tiles warmly clad the shower and cover the floor of the white bathroom design.

Chrome fixtures polish up the small space.

The toilet fits into the same nook as the shower, which largely screens it from the bathroom vanity area.

A wall mounted toothbrush holder has been utilised as a razor cup, whilst Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes stand upon the side of the sleek white vanity unit.

The compact bathroom has been configured to accommodate a utility area for the home too.

Floor plan model showing light flow throughout the apartment.

Original wall configuration.

New apartment configuration with glass wall bedroom.

The original apartment had only one room for the lounge/kitchen/dining areas, as well as one bedroom…

… The new configuration achieves complete separation between the lounge and the kitchen/dining room.

A large pantry is installed around the corner from the kitchen, just off the home entryway. A work zone is tucked in by the windows.

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