Reconfigured Home Design With Curves & Muted Colours

A restructured layout delivers a newfound brightness and spaciousness to this 583 square metre home, located in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China. Designed by Shexia Design, decorative details are employed to transform unimaginative corners. Overhanging and sinking architectural volumes resculpt natural light. The innovative spatial design ideas are a fusion of classical and artistic silhouettes, which come together under a soothing air of simplicity. Crisp white backdrops and muted colour infusions conjure a modern aesthetic that’s restful yet characterful. Mosaics and contemporary tile treatments bring intriguing pattern to floors, bathrooms, and a unique staircase design. These unexpected focal points fashion bold juxtapositions where beauty and utility unite.

The living room is a double-height volume, where a mezzanine landing creates a dramatically curved structure.

Circular indents are sunken into the underside of the mezzanine structure to house lighting.

A glass coffee table reflects natural light from the large living room windows. Its black base contrasts darkly with a beige living room area rug.

A curved sofa complements the curvaceous mezzanine landing design.

The living room rug is a unique linear design with breakaway edges. Its linearity complements the coffee table and a tall freestanding bookcase.

Sheer white voiles hang at the double-banked living room windows. The lightweight drapes softy frame a view of the garden and skyscape whilst allowing natural light to filter through. On the white sofa, a spherical red accent cushion makes bright contrast with the lush green vista.

A chic TV mount curves elegantly into the white wall, achieving a smooth, streamlined look.

Wood parquet flooring lays down a rich base throughout the living room.

An accent chair introduces muted colour and playful pattern to the corner of the living room, where it coordinates with the greenery of the garden.

A green focal wall unfolds behind the curved couch. At the opposite side of the living room, a modern lounge chair continues the curved shape theme.

Behind the sofa, a formal dining area accommodates up to six people. The living room dining room combo is linked to the kitchen by a set of glass doors. Two open archways lead to the entryway.

Unique dining chairs surround a luxe travertine dining table with a racetrack-shaped silhouette.

An eye-catching sideboard unit creates a block of pattern across the window wall.

A white marble fruit bowl and a decorative vase make a modern dining table centrepiece.

Each dining room doorway is framed with a deeply decorative trim.

The console table is adorned with attractive candlesticks and a tasteful table lamp.

The entertainment area features a sunken seating area with a TV. Pale blush pink upholstery wraps the large U-shaped seating arrangement, applying a delicate aesthetic.

Decorative moulding crisscrosses the ceiling. Unique pendant lights drip eye-catching illumination from a double-height void.

Stunning archways were applied to the original structure to create an impressive hallway.

A modern snooker table and a bar area complete the large entertainment room.

A spectacular stone feature wall makes a pleasing display area for snooker paraphernalia and wine storage.

Unique bar stools bring in a glorious injection of iridescent colour. Different types of stone are cut to form an oversized mosaic treatment across the face of the bar.

Swathes of pure white stucco create a beautifully balanced space with a sense of serenity.

A freeform stone coffee table beds down on an intense mosaic floor treatment.

A set of glass doors lead into a home gym.

Integration of the classical archway with modern elements builds unique drama.

Sunlight pours from above, highlighting intricate details in the stucco.

Upstairs on the mezzanine landing, a home office area looks out upon the entertainment area. The captivating archways march at eye-level. The workspace is furnished with a unique modern desk, chair, and floor lamp ensemble.

The back of the home office area is fitted with a wall of built-in storage cabinets and bookshelves.

A wide column divides the workspace from a child’s play area. Wooden toy boxes slot into a storage bench to create a cute border of arches. A geometric rug lays down a soft play surface.

The staircase is trimmed with a unique wooden bannister design. Attractive tilework patterns the stair risers.

In the master bedroom, an upholstered headboard design receives the same fabric as the green accent chair in the living room.

An understated bedside table lamp provides reading light over the pillows. An ornamental archway makes the bedroom window into a highly decorative feature.

A second double bedroom design is coloured by a muted red upholstered bed. Striking artwork and a modern wall sconce adorn a pale green headboard wall.

Parquet flooring lays rich pattern under the bed. Decorative wooden shutters close off a window into the ensuite bathroom.

With the wooden shutters drawn back, the ensuite bathroom becomes an open plan arrangement.

Inside the bathroom, a clawfoot bathtub creates a traditional aesthetic. Mixed stonework patterns the floor.

A stone double sink bathroom vanity curves away into the wall. Twin bathroom mirrors stand out in unique frames. Brass faucets add metallic lustre.

Modern wall art adds a burst of colour above the toilet.

Curved walls and an ombre mosaic tile configuration create an enchanting shower area design. A small curved alcove houses a tower of shelving, which holds toiletries close to hand. Brass shower fixtures make warm contrast against the cool background.

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