Purpose of the Separate Types of Stairs

A long bright corridor punctuated by three wood-lined skylights spans this apartment in Lisbon, Portugal, which was been refurbished by local office Aurora Arquitectos. Positioned at the top of a 1970s building on Lisbon's Luciano Cordeiro street, the remodeled three-bedroom apartment measures 156 square metres. The owners wanted to rearrange the apartment's long and dim central

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Purpose is very important while making the different groups of stairs. All of them, have different uses and are built in a different situations and plans. First, the most basic stairs are the straight run staircases which are only straight in one direction. Second, there are the scissor switch staircases which are more complicated to design. In addition, these stairs change the direction for 180 degrees before they continue up to the next floor. Next, there are the winder switch staircases which are more fun and playful. Afterwards, there is a type which has 90 degrees turn and 90 degrees winder turn.Purpose of the Separate Types of Stairs

Purpose of the Separate Types of Stairs

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