Preparing and Marking the Construction Areas

Tel Aviv-based designer Yael Perry renovated this apartment in the Israeli region of Sharon into a "cool, contemporary" space with unexpected colourful accents. The 240-square-metre duplex apartment has been given a stripped-back colour palette, with walls painted in muted shades of grey and blue. Perry designed oversized geometric shapes for the walls, adding diamonds, squares

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Preparing and setting the construction area is probably very important for the beginning and the whole process of the buildings. The construction area should be properly marked and everyone should know what belongs where. Thus, here in this post you can learn something more about this process. Firstly, the process starts with driving the pads and the construction of the pillars. Next, the workers mark the walls with right angles. Normally, the angles, the walls and all of the preparations must be correct. So, the workers must double check the preparations.Preparing and Marking the Construction Areas

Preparing and Marking the Construction Areas

See the tutorial below. It shows the process of the marking the area.


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