Polypropylene Rice Bags or Earth bag Construction Process

Currently, virtual reality and 360-degree video are somewhat niche tools, but they are rapidly gaining in popularity. These immersive technologies give architects a means to better decipher a client’s expectations—everything from a building’s natural lighting to the choice of tile backsplash can be actively assessed at any point in the design and construction process. This transformative technology has already been fully incorporated into some practices. ArchDaily interviewed Henning Larsen’s Chief Engineer of Sustainability Jakob Strømann-Andersen to better understand the current and future applications of virtual immersion in architecture.

Polypropylene rice bags also known as feed bags  can be filled with soil or insulation stacked like masonry and tamped flat. This way they are quality material for building as well.  Barbed wire between courses is used to keep these bags from slipping and adds tensile strength also. So, the material for houses construction is ready for use. It Seems unbelievable, butyes it is used in so many countries! Polypropylene Rice Bags or Earth bag Construction Process

Polypropylene Rice Bags Construction

Construction images bellow are revealing the process of construction and how the earth bag house rises. It look like a regular house and can be a home for many people who can’t allow something more expensive.


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