Pizza Oven for the Backyard

With the idea of creating an oasis in the middle of the woods, the Casa Concreto project is born. Where the context of the house becomes the perfect green scenario to show off the concrete’s grey tones that, when in touch with nature, ages in an artistic way.

Pizza oven for your personal uses always sounds as a great idea! Here, you will ave the opportunity to learn how to build your own oven. This DIY project will be perfect for gatherings with friends or family in the summer. Additionally, you will have the best place to cook tasty food which everyone would love. This oven is made with bricks, which give it a nice look that can be fitted in every garden, regardless its design or size.Pizza Oven for the Backyard

Pizza Oven for the Backyard

See the pictures below for the process of building the oven and click the link below for more details.



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