Perfect Connections by Using Decorative Wooden Joints

A Poetic Space

Hall of Literature exhibits the research achievements of the renowned contemporary Chinese educator Hong Zongli in mother-tongue education and the Chinese textbooks compiled, serving as a base for exhibition, exchange and research activities related to Chinese education in high school. Garden of Chinese Classics provides space for displaying ancient Chinese cultural and academic achievements. Therefore, an integrated design of Hall of Literature and Hall of Chinese Classics is conducted with reference to the characteristics of traditional Chinese gardens. Four major elements, namely pavilion, terrace, building and cloisters are used to form the integrated layout of a museum and a building.

Perfect connections can be found in many areas in life. People are the mean reason for that. They are connecting to each other, they are making combinations which are suitable for their needs in life. So we can see these connections everywhere! Connections of matched colors, materials, shapes… And here we are presenting you an excellent choice of making wooden joints connections that add design to the wooden pieces. Perfect Connections by Using Decorative Wooden Joints

Perfect Connections by Using Decorative Wooden Joints

The gallery bellow will give you an excellent idea how these joints can be made and look like fascinating detail of your furniture.


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