Open Jobs at OMA: Work for Pritzker Laureate Rem Koolhaas

OMA's mixed-use scheme for Santa Monica. Image © OMA

OMA's mixed-use scheme for Santa Monica. Image © OMA

With a majority of architecture schools in the Northern Hemisphere ending and the official start of summer fast approaching, architects across the globe – whether fresh out of school or with years of experience under their belt – are playing jobs musical chairs. And with the AIA’s Architecture Billings Index continuing to show growth in the profession, firms of all sizes are looking to add valuable members to their teams. 

One of those firms is OMA, whose Jobs site has seen a bounty of positions open up in recent months to keep up with the continued success of their seven offices across the globe. While many of the openings are given ambiguous descriptors, more than a few have titles that can speculatively be connected to projects announced over the past few years:

“Architect with Stadium/ Arena Experience – Rotterdam,” for example, likely concerns the recently planning-approved Feyenoord Stadium and Masterplan, while “California Licensed Senior Architect – New York” will probably be involved in either their San Francisco tower or their mixed-use development scheme in Santa Monica, or both. 

What other projects might need some help? Check out the full list of job openings, below. 

OMA's Feyenoord Stadium and Masterplan. Image © OMA

OMA's Feyenoord Stadium and Masterplan. Image © OMA
  • Internship Architecture – Rotterdam
  • Business Development Internship – Rotterdam
  • Mandarin speaking Architect – Hong Kong
  • Mandarin speaking Junior Architect – Hong Kong
  • Internships Architecture – Hong Kong
  • Internship Human Resources – Rotterdam
  • Internships Architecture – New York
  • Business Development Officer – Hong Kong
  • Model Shop Manager – New York
  • Architect – Rotterdam
  • Modelshop Assistant – Rotterdam
  • Junior Business Development Officer – New York
  • Internship Finance – Rotterdam
  • Chef de Bureau – New York
  • Junior Architect – Rotterdam
  • Revit Architect – Australia
  • Architect with Stadium/Arena Experience – Rotterdam
  • Internship Communications – New York
  • Internship Public Relations – Rotterdam
  • Internship Archive Collection – Rotterdam
  • Farsi speaking Architect – Rotterdam
  • Public Relations & Public Affairs Officer (all levels) – Rotterdam
  • California Licensed Senior Architect – New York
  • Licensed Senior Architect with CD/CA Experience – New York
  • Project Manager – New York
  • Dutch-speaking Archive Collection Intern – Rotterdam
  • Visualization Specialist – New York
  • Senior Interior Designer – New York
  • Architects – All levels – New York
  • Open Application – Hong Kong
  • Open Application – Rotterdam
  • Senior Architect – New York
  • Massachusetts-Licensed Architect (all levels) – New York
  • Washington DC Licensed Senior Architect – New York

Learn more about all of OMA’s current job openings, here.