Minimalist White Interiors With Unique Furniture Designs

Unique furniture designs add stylish wow factor turn after turn inside these two unusual minimalist home designs. Visualised by Indifference Studio, each attention-grabbing interior is styled upon a simple, pure white base that allows the more prominent pieces to proudly sing out. The designer furniture pieces take on a sculptural appeal within the gallerylike surroundings, which instils a feeling of reverence toward the extraordinary creations. With the perimeter decor taking a back seat, the eye is able to fall upon small detailing, unusual finishes, and quality workmanship. Come with us as we tour remarkable lounges, show-stopping dining rooms, minimalist bedrooms, and beautiful bathrooms.

White walls, ceiling and floor make a reflective box in which natural light is maximised. Fitted white storage cabinets continue the pure, gallery-white theme along the entire length of a TV wall in the lounge. Their handle-free, slab-fronted finish melds peacefully with the understated minimalist backdrop.

A unique, triangular floor lamp sets a cosy glow alongside the living room sofa, whilst LED ribbons paint soft perimeter light along the ceiling line.

The upholstery of the white, tufted sofa blends into the wall decor but an unusual hot red framework adds bolts of bright contrast along its base. A small side table places a moment of luxurious white marble by the arm of the couch to hold drinks but not clutter.

The large white living room rug adds texture and warm comfort underfoot.

A white, vertical radiator fits neatly down the side of the wide living room window, adding a textural accent.

A white marble coffee table is centred in the lounge space, like a monolithic blank plinth awaiting a piece of artwork.

Matching the sofa, a modern lounge chair is adorned with red framework, which cuts vividly through the pale room palette.

In contrast to the hot red accents in the lounge area, the neighbouring dining space is cooled with blue wall art.

The blue artwork is centred above a modern dining set that sports an all-white finish.

Smooth curves shape inviting dining chairs and a modern dining table.

Marble slabs and fluted glass make up a chic partition wall between the dining room and a hallway that leads to the bedrooms and bathroom. An entryway bench is fashioned here to create a handy perch/bag shelf by the front door.

A razor-thin strip of light draws a halo around the portal to the hallway.

The halo creates an optical illusion, in that it resembles a mirror’s edge. However, the illusion is shattered by a modern wall sconce that threads from the hallway to the living space.

Inside the minimalist master bedroom, the pure white decor scheme continues.

A modern bedside unit places prominent ribbed texture against the smooth white headboard design. A deep storage drawer keeps the top of the unit entirely free from clutter; only a minimalist bedside lamp is permitted.

A wall of glass bricks share natural light from the bedroom window with the neighbouring bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, a modern linear vanity unit draws across the base of the glass brick partition wall.

The second bedroom gains subtle shading from a grey upholstered bed and a geometric rug design.

Beechwood bedside units are wall-mounted to keep the floor clear and spacious.

The living room of this home design is dominated by an extraordinary neon green sofa that knots and twists across a plain white large area rug.

On the opposite side of the large area rug, a stylish tan leather lounge chair offers a comfortable reading nook.

A small side table pulls up subtly alongside the sofa, whilst a large black coffee table commands out in front.

Black and white photographic art adds interest to the clean white living room walls.

Behind the sofa, a few decorative items dot the top of a white sideboard.

The TV wall sports a textured black finish that complements a stylish Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 speaker. Unique black and white poufs boldly pattern the lounge layout.

A decorative vase, candles, and a record player pull black decor accents onto the white sideboard.

The white kitchen is largely concealed behind floor-to-ceiling cabinet doors.

A white kitchen island stretches out in front, holding the sink and the hob.

In front of the kitchen island, a white dining room decor scheme comes alive with elements of natural wood tone and swirling black pattern.

The upholstered dining chairs perfectly match the design of the patterned poufs in the open concept lounge.

A simple glass vase and a sprig of greenery provide a minimalist dining table centrepiece.

As we glance into the bathroom, we discover a unique stool design, wherein a rustic wooden stool is encased within clear perspex.

Inside the black and white bedroom, a cloud-shaped bedroom rug breaks up the linearity.

Modern artwork echoes the curvaceous silhouette of the rug design.

A white bedside unit contrasts sharply against the black tufted headboard design. A strip of LEDs highlight the edge of the black headboard against the white wall, elevating the high-contrast aesthetic.

A modern bedside table lamp offers bright task lighting.

Bedtime reading is stored on a sleek white sideboard that offers a balanced combination of display shelves and concealed storage.

Back the bathroom, a sleek white unique bathroom sink threads beneath a frameless vanity mirror.

The bathtub area is accessorised with a small round bathroom rug and a convenient robe hook. Built-in storage units stow away fresh towels and extra toiletries.

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