Minimalist Interiors Crafted With Natural Wood Finishes

The minimalist mood can be effectively communicated through a stark and sharp aesthetic that makes a bold impact, or can be more gently conveyed through a soothing natural setting that settles the soul. The two home interiors that we feature here today are rounded out with tactile curved edges, beautiful natural wood tone, and cushiony soft furnishings. Minimalist white backdrops are warmed up with creamy undertones that complement the natural hue of the honey toned timber elements. Home accessories are few but distinctive. Subtle lighting schemes thread around room perimeters to fashion living spaces and bedrooms that are atmospheric, welcoming, and restful to the eye.

Visualizer: Jiangxin Visual Studio  

A split level floor divides this airy, light-filled living space into a cosy sitting room and an elevated tea room/study. A round rug anchors the lounge furniture into a sociable setting. A stylish magazine holder between the sofa chaise and a window chair completes a welcoming reading nook.

The modern tufted sofa is deeply cushioned and rather irresistibly inviting. The couch backs directly onto the raised desk to strengthen the border between the two zones.

A modern fireplace warms the large living room from underneath a curvaceous chimney breast, which fluidly extrudes from the creamy wall stucco.

The projector screen descends from the ceiling when required, and tucks tidily out of sight afterward.

A pleated floor reading lamp elegantly bows over the woven lounge chair, creating a textural pair.

The slimline fireplace hearth expands beyond the firebox to form a floating media unit beneath the retractable projector screen. The stylish speaker that stands upon it is a Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9.

A vintage car model adorns the opposite end of the floating shelf, which is atmospherically illuminated along its underside by an LED strip.

Curved wooden fascias wrap the corner of the room to fashion an attractive storage area. A recess in the units makes way for a beverage station, which is equipped with a coffee maker, water glasses and a carafe. The raised platform floor doubles as seating at the tea table/desk.

Floating wall shelves accommodate a small book collection and a few decorative items behind the bespoke table.

In the dining room, a stunning pedestal dining table design seems to defy gravity.

The dining area is bathed in natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows.

The dining chairs are the Easy chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret.

Behind the dining area, the kitchen peninsula doubles as a breakfast bar.

Modern wall sconces pair above the kitchen sink to provide functional task lighting.

In the bedroom, mellow wood grain envelops the serene space.

A floor bed design is dipped inside the smooth wood floor finish to place it perfectly level with the city view.

Minimalist bedside drawer units meld with the wooden headboard design. A decorative vase pulls attention with a chic silhouette.

Stylish swing arm lamps extend over the integrated bedside storage units.

The backside of the headboard is built out into a desk/dressing table design.

The position of the home workspace behind the headboard means that the homeowner can look out upon the view whilst working too.

WIcker chairs make a natural accompaniment to the wooden desk design.

The bedside lamps provide light to the work area also.

A partition wall splits the walk-in wardrobe from an ensuite bathroom.

A stunning bathtub makes an impressive hero piece for the room.

Architect: Kanstantsin Remez  

This warm and cosy 90 square metre apartment is located in a newly-built block of flats, where most windows face directly onto other windows. This concern was tackled with the installation of translucent cloth panels within wooden frames, which could be easily removed if needed.

The sheer fabric window panels give the interior an intimate atmosphere. Limestone walls lightly complement the warm wooden finish of the floor, accent furniture, and decorative ceiling treatment.

Two unique kitchen pendant lights draw the eye to an austere minimalist kitchen design. A limestone island unfolds over two levels, one for dining and one for prep.

An unusual kitchen bar stool stands a sculptural silhouette at the monolithic breakfast bar.

Open kitchen shelving is kept primarily bare.

The deep and decorative wooden cornice offsets the plainer aspects of the interior and emphasises the high ceiling height in the room. The geometric cornice also fully conceals the window and door lintels to create smooth portals.

The master bedroom is clad with natural wood, which creates a cosy cabin-like feel. A large, comfortable lounge chair, a slimline floor lamp, and a small wooden side table form an inviting reading corner. A footstool would make a welcome addition but instead a clear walkway is prioritised around the bed.

More privacy panels turn the bedroom windows into uniform light boxes around the perimeter.

Small bedroom pendant lights drop reading light over each side of the floor bed. Boxy bedside units and a low-level headboard are structured in wooden planks to meld with the restful decor scheme.

The bedroom flows into an open plan ensuite bathroom, which is clad in the same wooden wall treatment to achieve a cohesive aesthetic. Custom-designed wardrobes partially separate the sleep space from the bathroom to provide a level of privacy and to form the back wall of the shower.

A small, frameless vanity mirror makes an understated addition to a modern bathroom vanity unit.

There is no partition between the shower and washstand to help the compact room to feel more open and spacious.

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