Mastering L-Shaped Apartment Layouts

Each measuring under 120 square metres, these two L-shaped apartment layouts feature open plan living under peaceful shades of grey, white, black and wood tone. Designed for business professionals, we’re looking at sleek interiors that are aimed to impress and redress the work-life balance. First, we’ll go to observe the thoughtful renovation of a historic space in Moscow, which includes ingenious subspaces and elevated planes. Then, we’ll take off to the Dnipro river in Kyiv, Ukraine, to a part-time yet cosy home of business and pleasure. A welcoming place where new colleagues soon become fast friends. Full floor plans included at the end of each home tour.

Visualizer: INT2 architecture  

In a historic mansion of the early 20th century, this 114 square metre apartment overlooks one of the old streets of Moscow, Russia. The designer endeavoured to preserve the original bones of the space and its full volume, whilst introducing new functional areas within it.

The minimalist living room features traditional wainscoting around its border, and a darkly contrasting artistic focal wall.

A huge bookcase fills the back of the living room, with librarian ladders attached to reach the top of the stacks. Decorative items break up the extensive book collection.

Subspaces were created by installing “boxes” that do not reach or disturb the original ceiling beams.

Historic brickwork and authentic smudges of mortar from the reconstruction have been preserved, along with the uninterrupted flow of nine identical windows.

A linear chandelier fixes the dining area in the freeflow apartment. A racetrack dining table makes a user friendly silhouette for an open plan space, with rounded ends proving easy to maneuver around.

A marble kitchen backsplash spreads a luxe accent around a streamlined modern kitchen. Black and white cabinets stand free of plinths to create an open aesthetic that complements the untouched ceiling space.

Black kitchen pendant lights hang on extended cables from the lofty ceiling. Black kitchen bar stools complement their dark finish.

The stark black accent continues in the kitchen faucet and in roman window blinds.

A small sitting area has been fashioned just outside of a glass wall bedroom, perfect for morning coffee or as a reading nook.

Inside the glass wall guest bedroom, drapes can be drawn to block out the living space. Sliding doors save on floor space when opened.

Custom storage units have been designed to offer clothes hanging space up top, and a row open fronted niches below for spare pillows and attractive totes.

Gold linen baskets bring out the closet’s golden hardware.

Down the hallway, the master bedroom features a glass wall ensuite.

Elegant black side tables pair at a grey upholstered bed.

A plant stand brings in a splash of greenery by the other bedside table.

In the glass wall ensuite, a wooden stool adds a rustic touch by the tub that vibes with the rugged brick background and an industrial metal ladder shelf.

Simple white mosaic tile texture the splash zone.

All black decor fashions a sophisticated double sink bathroom vanity.

Enlarged English oak parquet covers the floor. Oak treads and risers build the staircase.

A concealed banister light illuminates the stairwell.

The roof of one of the interior “boxes” is utilised as a mezzanine bedroom.

White mosaic tiles meet marble around a unique bathroom sink in the powder room.

Pale grey walls provide subtle contrast.

L-shaped apartment floor plan.

Visualizer: N.Team Design  

This 117 square metre apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine has a masculine austere essence, though warmth arrives in soft chocolatey accents over a modern sofa.

The flat was designed for a client who comes to Kiev often on business, as a home from home and a place to network. A modern bio fireplace creates a cosy focal point in the living room.

A long window seat is built into the lounge for enjoyment of the beautiful Dnipro river view, and scenes of the right bank of Kyiv. Rich brown throw pillows make a comfy addition.

A contemporary slatted wall treatment makes a dark statement behind a bracketed TV and the glowing modern fireplace. An integrated fireplace screen holds back the flame.

The living room, kitchen and dining room share one space, with the couch forming a clear room divide.

A built in closet and round pouf serve the home entryway, which spills straight out onto a small balcony.

Modern black dining chairs make stylish additions to the kitchen dining island.

Beneath the modern dining chairs, a change in flooring helps to further define the different zones of the open plan.

An induction hob with built in extractor keeps the kitchen looking sleek and streamlined. Floating base cabinets increase the sense of floor space, whilst glass wall cabinets open things up at head height and reflect the daylight.

The luxurious master bedroom suite is configured to include a private bathroom, which is framed behind a glass wall by the bed. A stylish bedroom pendant light draws the eye back to the foreground.

The bedroom floor plan is manipulated to include a separate dressing area, with the closet situated directly behind the headboard of the bed to create a new walkway.

Black fixtures and fittings deepen the ensuite bathroom design.

A freestanding bathtub matches the lay of the bed on the other side of the glass.

Clean cut bathroom furniture gives a crisp modern edge around the bathroom sink.

The floor plan shows a hobby room intended for reading and watching movies or football matches with friends. It also doubles as a space for liaising with colleagues or partners on business matters. The guest bathroom closet houses the apartment’s washer dryer machine.

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