Light Family Home Interior With Chic Open Plan Living Space

Chic and sophisticated in its clean modernity, this pristine home design puts family life through a serene filter. Designed by Darya Maiorova, this family home interior features soft upholstery and rugs that are bravely light to uplift an open plan living space. Black accents are used to add depth and gloss to the neutral surroundings, across a statement kitchen backsplash and black accented window reveals. The kids’ bedrooms themselves are light, crisp and stylish, with bespoke kids’ desk designs and decorative shelving walls. The parental room is a place for restful recuperation from the children, with its own quiet workspace. Bathroom inspiration comes by way of contemporary vanity units and boldly contrasting black fixtures.

Visualizer: Roman Karasev  

Reuleaux-triangle nesting coffee tables overlap at the centre of the peaceful, light modern living room arrangement, adding a moment of smooth wood tone.

Two open ended modular sofas shape a connected, free-flowing layout. Dark accent cushions punctuate their light upholstery.

At the other side of the large area rug, a modern TV stand is flanked by windows on either side. Pale drapes contrast with black painted window reveals and colour coordinated radiators.

Two fresh white lounge chairs form a third wall of seating, teamed with two darkly contrasting small side tables.

A small tree has been introduced behind the lounge area to incorporate a touch of nature, a splash of enlivening greenery, and an element of elegant height.

The kitchen and dining area unfold across the back of the open concept. Wood effect panels encase a beautifully curved feature wall at the end of the kitchen run, which echoes a curvaceous microcement wall on the opposite side of the walkway.

The small side table at this end of the lounge has a rounded silhouette to complement the curved walls.

A black backsplash and countertop cuts through the wood effect kitchen, disrupting the smooth, warm aesthetic with a dramatic sweep of deep shadow.

A round pedestal dining table draws upon the black accent theme, and introduces en vogue ribbed texture. Four modern white dining chairs encircle the black dining table with moments of light relief. Decorative bowls arrange a stylish table centrepiece.

The kitchen “backsplash” is actually a set of shallow smoked glass-fronted cabinets, which reveal softly lit glimpses of flatware, coffee mugs and kitchen appliances. The surrounding wooden cabinets extend all the way to the ceiling line to capitalise on vertical space and to build a clean, streamlined finish.

Inside the master bedroom, an off-white tufted headboard softly pads the textured white microcement wall.

Modern linear wall lights cast a warm glow at either side of the headboard design, where integrated switches and sockets are embedded directly into the cushioned upholstery.

Contemporary bedside units carry curves into the scheme.

A large indoor plant is included here in the bedroom too, growing a sense of serenity in this adult haven away from the children of the household.

The black window reveal treatment is repeated here, giving the light bedroom greater depth and interest. Sheer voiles breezily frame the large windows.

A third linear wall light illuminates a bedroom workspace.

The bespoke desk design is expertly shaped to follow the inner curve of the wall.

An understated modern desk chair accompanies the unique floating desk.

Beside the bed, a door leads into a well-proportioned walk-in closet. Thin LED strips highlight the edges of a smart closet system that’s stacked with shelves, clothes rails and built-in chests of drawers.

In the minimalist master bathroom, a unique bathroom sink crosses a custom cut floor-to-ceiling vanity mirror. A black bathroom faucet protrudes from the glass.

A small rustic stool adds a natural touch to the shower area.

A frameless shower screen leaves the bathroom window completely unobstructed.

The shared kids’ room is given a child-friendly twist with a cool space-themed wall mural. A single channel tufted headboard design links twin beds together beneath a black track light.

A light bedroom rug links the beds together at the foot.

Flush-fitting, frameless interior doors extend all the way to the ceiling line throughout the home.

Decorative wall shelves dot a modern pattern across the window wall.

Twin wardrobes flank a kid’s study area, where more storage is revealed from behind sliding wooden doors.

Black paintwork around the bedroom window draws attention to a small, cosy window seat above the radiator.

The second kids’ space in this home is a single bedroom with a gentle touch of colour. A cushioned wall panel extends the kids’ upholstered bed across the length of the room, creating a cosy backing.

Two square ​​ottomans provide occasional seating for friends or siblings.

A small wall sconce shines focussed reading light over the pillows.

The kids’ desk design in this room works double duty as a bedside unit. An icy blue finish accentuates its attractively rounded drawer shape.

The pale blue accent is repeated in a floating storage unit on the adjacent wall, and across a series of decorative pegboard shelves.

Kids wall art extends the blue palette.

The family bathroom is geared toward sibling harmony with a double sink vanity unit. Wicker laundry baskets tuck away underneath.

Wood panels conceal the toilet cistern.

Microcement neatly encases the fitted bathtub, merging it with the coordinating walls.

Black bathroom fittings stand out darkly against the pale wall treatment.

Wood panelling frames the end of the hallway.

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