Learning How to Design a Straight Staircase by a Video Help

AutoCAD 2011 introduced the transparency property for objects. Transparency gives you the opportunity to create presentation-ready drawings. You can draw an object that is up to 90% transparent. Here you see some trees filled with a 60%-transparent solid fill.


As with other object properties, you should use the Layer Properties Manager to create a [...]

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Learning can be very hard and as well as easiest thing when you have the needed assistance! In the many stairs types we can see open sides, against a wall, between two walls, or with a half or quarter landing? Although straight flights of stairs are basically simple in design being straight, many options are available. Making straight staircases functional or exclusive, is depending on what you are looking for.Learning How to Design a Straight Staircase

Learning of Stair Design

This video we found will help you better understand the straight stairs designing and how the procedure goes.


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