Inventive Art-Filled Home Interior With Nature-Inspired Elements

Laconic in its gallery-white base, yet filled with intriguing objects, this home design is a journey of both simplicity and discovery. Created by Shexia Space Design for a client who has a unique outlook on life and a burning passion for art, this 450 square metre home interior oozes originality. Alongside artistic infusions, the focus of this home composition is bright light, nature-inspired objects, and easy intercommunication. Classical and modern elements collide. Living spaces are open, airy, and inspiring, conjuring feelings of freedom and imaginativeness. Foundation decor is paled back and largely plain, breaking only momentarily for stirring feature walls and luxe marble junctures.

In this blissfully simple living room design, art is the colourful protagonist. A large piece of wall art is given pride of place above a linear modular sofa, encouraging the eye to travel up and appreciate the lofty ceiling height and a light-filled glass mezzanine.

The intriguing art piece is a George Condo painting. Fragments of its vibrant colour appear to chip off and land around the room in the shape of more beautifully creative pieces.

A unique modern coffee table design features a golden rock leg, which erupts through the table’s clear glass surface.

A droplet-like pink pendant light fixture drips from the ceiling of the double-height living room void, to freeze in motion by the side of the couch.

The pale living room rug is printed with stunning colourful hummingbirds, which bring life and movement to the laconic living room.

Bright sunshine falls upon the light and colourful room features from skylights, conjuring an ethereal essence.

Winged pendants soar over the ceiling, like a flock of white doves.

The graceful living room chandelier is a work of art in and of itself.

Pale wood panels smoothly clad the TV wall in an uncomplicated fashion. An enormous TV reaches almost end-to-end of its wooden mount.

At the edge of the artistic lounge area, a fabulous accent chair gleams with an enchanting metallic green and gold patina. An understated grey stone slab floor extends from the lounge over to the open plan kitchen diner area.

A long white marble kitchen peninsula splits the open concept living space cleanly in two. Two black upholstered kitchen bar stools darkly contrast with the luxe white stone countertop and its waterfall edge.

Wine glasses are hung out for all to see on the back wall of the kitchen, which sends a welcoming message of relaxation and good times. A pristine white marble backsplash drops behind the wine glass storage rack to complete the kitchen focal point.

White kitchen cabinets embrace the room in a practical L-shaped arrangement.

A large wine storage room is located just off the living room. It is accessed on one side from the lounge and hallway, whilst a door on the opposite side conveniently adjoins the kitchen.

White LED strips are installed around the perimeter of the glass wall wine storage room, making it into a bright beacon.

A second lounge area is combined with a formal dining room. A curvaceous white sofa effectively splits the space.

Here, the TV is displayed upon a sleek white marble feature wall which melds with the smooth marble floor.

Tall windows bring natural light flooding into the lounge from each side of the room.

A central coffee table is adorned with a pretty floral vase and a stocked modern fruit bowl.

A ceiling-mounted modern fireplace drops a stark black accent against the white living room walls.

Over in the dining area, a marble table makes a high-end statement, along with a chic tea set. See more ideas for unique teapots and tea cups.

The glass dining table legs achieve a light and spacious effect, in contrast to the bold black frames of accompanying modern dining chairs.

An eye-catching dining room chandelier calls attention above the table, whilst decorative boiserie establishes classical moments of interest around the walls of the dining room.

Repositional spotlights focus on the heroes of the decor scheme.

A blue decorative vase makes a modern juxtaposition with the classical boiserie.

A plain white modern staircase design is cut through with luxurious marble treads.

The bedroom is a predominantly peaceful white space, which allows just a few eye-catching details to really shine out.

The end of bed bench is a chic, white tufted design with a bolster pillow. Its black frame sharply complements a black bedroom chair and console table in the corner.

A blue motif circles the headboard.

Bedside units are mismatched to draw attention to the individuality of each design.

Golden bedroom pendant lights descend upon the smaller bedside table, giving it a greater presence in the scheme.

Glass doors give entry into the walk-in closet.

In the kid’s room, unique art pieces create a fun vibe. Ombré walls add just a hint of additional colour.

A unique upholstered bench places cool creamy contrast at the end of the umber upholstered bedstead. A modern chandelier echoes the curves of its metal frame.

A bird-shaped modern wall sconce perches beside the headboard of the bed. The bird’s gold-tipped tail feathers direct the eye down toward an extraordinary little bedside drawer unit on a slender golden stand.

An elegant archway houses a vanity area.

Inside the bathroom, a striking stone feature wall commands attention.

A skylight illuminates the rugged stone tile texture.

LED strip lights cut crisply around the edges of the focal wall.

The vanity area features a modern pedestal sink on each side, which merges cleanly with the marble backdrop.

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