Interior Design With Terrific Textures & Soft Neutral Tones

Terrific moments of texture welcomely interrupt the laconic palette of this modern interior design. The 3D elements add interest to a palette of soft greige, white, and wood tone elements. The neutral tones build scenes of serenity throughout the apartment designed by Room.Atica. However, this muted home interior contains a surprisingly bright decor scheme in the kid’s room. Here, orange accents perform a powerful takeover, whilst smoothly curved motifs endure. Away from the youthful and vivacious energy of the final bedroom, the main living space is an open-plan haven of peace. The master bedroom echoes the same calm spirit, with a dash of creative energy across a spectacular 3D headboard feature wall.

A fabulous foam-soft living room rug is deeply ribbed to create a bed of texture underneath a curved sofa. The ribbed rug is complemented by a wood-slatted wall behind the couch and a vertical radiator on the adjacent wall. The matching, textured elements create a triangle of interest in the lounge layout.

Storage units are smoothly built into the greige room perimeter, creating a simple, streamlined finish. Coordinating frameless doors camouflage into their surroundings. Greige ceilings are perfectly color-matched to the walls to achieve a smoothly cohesive aesthetic. Daylight filters through the wood-slatted room divider to create light play over the lounge.

The slatted room divider allows the line of sight to pass through into the neighboring kitchen and dining room. A round coffee table ties in with the natural tone of the wooden screen. A slimline living room floor lamp strikes a thin black accent, while a modern accent chair and an indoor tree drop in soothing green moments.

A second indoor tree softens the blunt side of the kitchen run. At night, the small living room floor lamp and a large dining room chandelier coalesce to create an atmospheric lighting scheme.

A natural throw is casually strewn over the chic curved sofa to accomplish a welcoming, relaxed look. A small floral plant makes a natural centerpiece on the coffee table.

The large dining room pendant light descends low onto a modem, rounded rectangle dining table. Rounded dining chairs seat up to four people.

A one wall kitchen installation features only base units to maintain visual serenity in the minimalist space. A linear suspension light illuminates the length of the kitchen.

A beige stone backsplash coordinates with the upholstered dining chairs. Pale wooden kitchen cabinets make a tonal accompaniment.

Appliance housing units stand on the opposite side of the room. Open shelving surrounds two ovens, supplying space to display crockery.

In the master bedroom, a mesmerizing mosaic of ceramic 3D tiles climbs behind the headboard. These are Tetrapod tiles, designed by Serhii Makhno.

Modern bedroom pendant lights are strung in front of the headboard feature wall, like a brightly beaded necklace. Perimeter LEDs accentuate the extraordinary statement wall.

A small vanity table is established at one side of the bed, complete with a custom-cut mirror.

A slab of beautiful beige stone lays a console shelf underneath a wall-mounted TV.

The small vanity table doubles as a bedside table. A miniature decorative vase reflects prettily in the vanity mirror.

A second bedside shelf completes the ensemble.

A subtle chevron pattern adds interest to the neutral bedroom curtains.

Inside the bathroom, a minimalist vanity unit underlines a luxe, stone sink. A black-framed bathroom mirror makes stark contrast with the greige stucco walls. A swing arm wall lamp offers a matching black finish.

More matt black bathroom fittings boldly punctuate the rest of the laconic greige bathroom decor scheme. A rainfall shower head hangs from a greige stucco ceiling.

The fitted bathtub is clad with smooth stone panels, which blend beautifully with its pale surroundings. A small, floating shelf stores toiletries up off the tub, and within easy reach when standing under the over-bath shower.

The toilet cistern is neatly contained within a concealment wall to cut down on visual clutter. A shallow shelf is created within the concealment wall to serve as a decorative feature. A decorative vase and a reed diffuser perch upon the ledge.

A wall-hung toilet keeps the bathroom floor space looking clean and clear, and therefore helps the room appear more spacious.

The modern kid’s room is a surprising contradiction to the rest of the neutral home interior. In this youthful space, the decor scheme comes alive with vibrant orange accents.

Textured, freeform orange rugs pool color on the floor, while an orange L-shaped headboard wraps the orange bed. A novelty neon wall light burns bright with fun factor next to a column of unique shelving.

A small reading nook is fashioned in an enclosed balcony area. A modern radiator heats the small space to create a cozy atmosphere.

Modern kids’ wardrobes are combined with a circular-themed shelving unit and an open base unit to create a unique storage composition. A kid’s desk runs alongside.

The bookshelves provide energizing orange accents around the kid’s workspace. Orange door handles accent the wardrobe.

A black kid’s chair and black wall shelves create weighty contrast with the brighter decor elements.

A faux fur pouf adds an irresistibly plush texture to the reading nook. A small tower of orange display shelves accent a playful, spotty wall treatment.

An orange accent chair and a small floor reading lamp complete the window nook.

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