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That wonderful time of the year is finally upon us – and as your gift list slowly dwindles, you might be left scratching your head at those hard-to-buy-for names still awaiting the perfect picks. We have you covered! This holiday gift guide emphasizes the exquisite and the unusual, the creative and the playful. These gifts stray far from the ordinary to suit the tastemakers and the adventurous. From budget-friendly stocking stuffers to luxurious designer wares, there’s something here to delight every friend or family member. Let us help you finish your holiday shopping so you can sit back and bask in the glow of giving.


Petrichor Rainfall Scented Candle: Petrichor is the name for the unique aroma of fresh rainfall hitting dry soil, a crisp and satisfying scent with poetic nuance sure to stir pleasant memories for almost anyone. These memories are the magic that makes this gift idea so delightful. Who will love it: The nostalgic, the science enthusiast, the outdoorsy.


Dirt Scented Candle: What could be more calming than the earthy scent of fresh soil? This artisanal small-batch candle is perfect for any recipient who has a sense of humor and a love for the unconventional. Who will love it: The green thumb, the gardener, the curiosity-collector.


Polished Brass Candle Snuffer: Are you looking for something thoughtful and luxurious, but still perfectly tasteful? This brilliant candle snuffer by Jaime Hayon is a practical gift crafted from fine polished brass to make a statement on any mantle even between uses. Who will love it: The candle lover, the romantic, the one who has it all.

$117BUY IT

Polar Bear by Francois Pompon: French sculptor François Pompon spent a lifetime pioneering his uniquely stylized approach to the animal form, but his artistry was never fully appreciated in the mainstream until the debut of his famous Ours Blanc – the original on display at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. This figure realizes the famous sculpture in miniature, appropriate for placement anywhere in the home. Who will love it: The art collector, the tasteful decorator, the animal lover.


Small Shorebird Figure: The brilliant Shorebirds collection by Sigurjón Pálsson is a series of small decorative sculptures inspired by wading birds, crafted from smooth solid walnut and polished brass. Each one is iconic and highly collectible. Who will love it: The ornithophile, the beach lover, the Nordic design enthusiast.

$165BUY IT

Felt Sheep Night Light: Handcrafted from natural wool felt and lovingly sculpted solid wood, this small night light is a treasure sure to delight those with artisanal tastes. An efficient LED bulb is housed inside of the sheep where the light can filter through with a warm glow. The light is wireless and can be turned off by removing the sheep from the base. Who will love it: The new parent, the imaginative child, the cozy decorator.


Marble Tabletop Bowling Set: This miniature tabletop bowling set is one of those gifts that the recipient will be excited to unbox for the whole gathering to enjoy. The solid marble alley and solid wood frame look stylish enough for decorative display on any coffee table or desk throughout the home. Who will love it: The bowler, the young family, the traditional gamer.


Bookshelf Edition Monopoly Game: Inspired by the first versions of Monopoly ever released, this creative board game features a charming vintage aesthetic that is just as pleasing to look at as it is to play. The book-shaped box makes storage especially easy and attractive. Who will love it: The board game lover, the antique collector, the family that plays together.


Areaware Balancing Blocks: Skills-based toys are always a delightful gift to please young children and parents alike. This balancing block set by Areaware is crafted from wood, each piece faceted to provide endless possibilities for stacking and building. Choose from a variety of stylish water-based paint colorways. Who will love it: The creative toddler, the picky parent, the eco-friendly family.


Colorful Geo Pattern Dominoes: Gifts created for MoMA are always guaranteed to be creative and well-received by art lovers. This set of dominos by Panisa Khunprasert provides a chic contemporary take on the Cubist style, modern enough to display and clear enough for play. Who will love it: The child, the game collector, the art enthusiast.


Pattern Puzzle Set of Two: Designed by fashion and decor textile studio Dusen Dusen, these pattern puzzles provide a uniquely stylish take on a classic pastime. This set includes two 500-piece jigsaw puzzles that you can gift together or apart. Who will love it: The puzzler, the fashionista, the interior designer.


Oversized Tumbling Timbers Yard Game: A classic table game is given a larger-than-life update with the Tumbling Timbers yard game. This set is available in two sizes and two finish options, each equipped with a convenient carrying bag for transport or storage. Who will love it: The outdoorsy family, the barbecue host, the college student.


Beverage Can Parka: This scaled-down winter parka is the perfect way to keep a beverage cold while the hand stays nice and warm. It’s a playful gift or stocking stuffer that can be used year-round. The size is ideal for slimmer cans. Who will love it: The hard seltzer fan, the funny coworker, the humor-loving dad.


Monogrammed Dessert Plates: Custom gifts are always a hit, especially for those hard-to-buy-for recipients. Simply choose the appropriate monogram and give your recipient a gift they can display or enjoy for any occasion. Who will love it: The newlyweds, the gourmand, the perfect host.


Fashionable Cat Plate: This playful ceramic plate features a super-stylish feline just waiting to be adorned with snacks arranged atop. Looking for something a little different? This piece is also available as a dog, gorilla, giraffe, lion, or panda. Who will love it: The cat lover, the college student, the oddities collector.


Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve: Who doesn’t need to stay hydrated? This glass water bottle makes a great all-purpose gift for any recipient and for any occasion. It includes an attractive silicone sleeve to keep cool liquids cool – choose from a range of colors. The bamboo twist cap adds a pop of modern style. Who will love it: The gym rat, the office worker, the student.


Mountain-Shaped Whiskey Glass: Gentle rolling mountains decorate the base of this attractive whisky glass, the topography inspired by the breathtaking Mount Fuji. This glass includes a shaped wooden base that fits effortlessly within the glass grooves. Who will love it: The dad, the traveler, the fine spirits connoisseur.


Georg Jensen Sky Hip Flask: Designed by Aurélien Barbry for the illustrious Georg Jensen brand, this gorgeous hip flask is sure to delight anyone with an eye for fine design. The flask is shaped from mirror-polished stainless steel and equipped with a handsome leather handle. Who will love it: The camper, the boyfriend, the whiskey expert.


Modern Tealight Tea Heater: Tea lovers are known to take their tea routines very seriously, and with style and flair. This beautiful tea stand includes space for a single small candle to keep a teapot nice and warm without compromising on aesthetics. Who will love it: The tea drinker, the attentive host, the new homeowner.


Stelton Collar Espresso Maker: Designed by Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri, the Collar espresso maker presents a stylish modern interpretation of the traditional Italian moka pot. This piece is crafted from matte black stainless steel with a prominent rubberwood handle. Who will love it: The caffeine addict, the amateur barista, the kitchen aesthetic obsessive.

$109BUY IT

Set of 5 Wood-Lid Canisters: These high-end storage cannisters are perfect for dry kitchen ingredients, small crafting supplies, toiletries, and more. Each one includes a handsome wooden lid for an artisanal look. Who will love it: The chef, the crafter, the home organizer.


Cheese Board Recipe Deck: Fifty creative cheese board ideas are packed like a deck of cards to make choosing a delicious cheese board spread easier than ever. This piece would make a great stocking stuffer, or it could be paired with another gift like a nice serving platter or a set of cheese knives. Who will love it: The gourmand, the creative party host, the cheese fanatic.


Modern Succulent Pots: This attractive set of four small succulent pots is 3D-printed from a unique material made with recycled wood and a sustainable bioplastic. Each one is decorated with a different geometric pattern. Gift the set together or individually. The plants are not included! Who will love it: The work-from-home friend, the botanist, the 3D printing enthusiast.

$125BUY IT

The Floral Society Watering Can: A wide, sweeping handle and elegantly angled spout ensure this watering can stands as a bold sculptural statement even between uses. Choose the polished copper model for a luxurious look or opt for the simple white finish for sophisticated minimalism. Who will love it: The gardener, the aspiring green thumb, the houseplant collector.

$20 – $138BUY IT

Lantern Terrarium Kit: Not everybody has an effortless green thumb. This creative terrarium kit makes it easy to build a low-maintenance arrangement using mostly dried and artificial elements. Choose the components you think your gift recipient would like and assemble it yourself or allow your recipient to arrange their own dream terrarium. Who would love it: The struggling gardener, the cottage decorator, the whimsical one.


Self-Watering Herb Garden Planter: Smart drainage and self-watering functionality make this simple planter a powerful tool for even the most plant-challenged friends and family members. This striking Umbra design is perfect for kitchen herb gardens and small indoor plants. Who will love it: The home chef, the beginning gardener, the small-space houseplant enthusiast.


Flower Color Guide Book: Written by prominent NYC floral design power-couple Michael and Darroch Putnam, the Flower Color Guide is a brilliant go-to reference with a gorgeous layout sure to please amateurs and experts alike. Who will love it: The flower arranger, the artist, the gardener.


Craft Crush Felt Succulent Craft Kit: This fun craft kit includes everything needed to create 18 beautiful succulents out of soft felt. The results can be displayed in small planters or in the included cardboard frame. Who will love it: The crafter, the creative, the friend whose succulents never last.

$23+BUY IT

Personalized Leather Journal: Fully customizable with the name or initials of your choice, this gorgeous genuine leather journal offers a personalized touch sure to become a treasured object for any gift recipient in your life. Choose from a wide variety of color options. Each cover is refillable. Blank pages are perfect for sketching or for journaling. Who will love it: The writer, the artist, the expressive teen.

$175BUY IT

Leather Wireless Charger and Catchall: Multipurpose functionality ensures this gorgeous design will become a beloved everyday accent for any gift recipient. This catchall is clad in genuine Italian leather, equipped with a wireless charger for phones and a spacious tray to hold various odds-and-ends. Who will love it: The well-organized, the boyfriend, the techie.


Desk Organizer Headphone Stand: This all-in-one desk organizer makes it easy to free up workspace for a clean and productive environment. It’s crafted from durable wood in a sophisticated walnut finish, and includes plenty of space for devices, headphones, writing utensils, and more. Who will love it: The gamer, the student, the work-from-homer.

$390BUY IT

Vitra Color Block Wool Blanket: Created by celebrated Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, the Color Block Blanket offers versatile go-to style and comfort for anyone who appreciates luxury textiles. This piece is woven from premium quality Peruvian wool, each end capped with a long and playful fringe. Who will love it: The mother, the aunt, the design-savvy.


The Little Book of Hygge: Written by the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, Meik Wiking, this useful little handbook offers a thorough and fun-to-read rundown on the concept of “hygge” – a cozy and comfortable philosophy with roots in Danish culture. Who will love it: The bookworm, the home decorator, the self-care enthusiast.


Sunset Lamp: Sunset lamps are experiencing a popular revival through social media trends. This design casts a warm wash of sunset-inspired color sure to make any space feel truly atmospheric. Who will love it: The trendy teenager, the avid reader, the college student.


Customizable Marquee Box: Made to look just like a cinema marquee, this lightbox design includes a set of letters and numbers so that your gift recipient can display their own message on the front. Expansion letter and number packs are also available. Who will love it: The streamer, the movie buff, the social media influencer.

$322BUY IT

Handmade Ocean Beach Wall Art: Handmade from verdant moss and exquisitely layered resin, this beautiful beach wall art is sure to delight. Each one arrives pre-framed and signed by the artist. Who will love it: The beach lover, the traveler, the art collector.


Brass Tape Measure and Keyring: Practical, sophisticated, and just the right amount of unusual – this key ring is shaped like a highly detailed chameleon, a tape measure unfurling from the mouth like a tongue. Who will love it: The builder, the herpetologist, the cool aunt.


Snail Crystal Ball: Who knew the humble snail had a glamorous side? This beautiful decorative object is crafted from cement and hand painted in vintage gold, with the shell expressed as a clear glass ball. Who will love it: The gastropod admirer, the quirky decorator, the nature-lover.

$549BUY IT

Litter Robot: Whisker’s famous Litter Robot is a lifechanging piece of technology that can reclaim so many minutes of the cat owner’s day. The interior barrel rotates to automatically sift litter and separate waste for easy removal. Who will love it: The busy cat-owner, the clean freak, the small apartment dweller.


Banana Cat Bed: What could be cuter than a beloved pet snuggled up oh-so-cozy in a little banana-shaped bed? This cute pet bed is available in four sizes and a diverse variety of colorways to fit cats, dogs, or other small pets. Your gift recipient will love how playful and fun it looks. Who will love it: The dog mom, the cat dad, the spoiled pet.

$249BUY IT

Mid-Century Modern Birdhouse: Help some lucky songbirds feel like the hippest family on the block with this gorgeous mid-century modern birdhouse design. This architectural treat is handcrafted in Vermont, sure to delight with its intricate detailing throughout. Who will love it: The architect, the birdwatcher, the retro decorator.

$1497BUY IT

4K Smart TV With Art Mode: This modern smart TV features vibrant 4K resolution and includes all the connected smart home features one would expect – and some that are sure to surprise. This ultra-thin television includes a unique art mode that displays an artwork of your choice from Samsung’s subscription gallery that spans over 1,400 emerging and established artists. A motion sensor can turn off the art display to conserve energy when the room is empty. Who will love it: The art collector, the creative techie, the smart home enthusiast.


Crosley Bluetooth Record Player: Not everybody pines for the latest and greatest technology. The retro tech resurgence has many trendsetters looking toward the past. This beautiful turntable by Crosley combines a classic aesthetic with contemporary technology. Who will love it: The audiophile, the retro decorator, the LP collector.

$849BUY IT

Bang & Olufsen Noise Cancelling Headphones: For true audiophiles, only the best will do. If terms like DSP, frequency response, and impedance don’t mean much to you, you don’t have to worry – Bang & Olufsen is regarded as a gold standard in the industry and has all the bases covered. These headphones provide adjustable noise cancellation and boast up to 38 hours of playback on a single charge, features that the practicality-focused buyer can surely appreciate. Who will love it: The serious audiophile, the musician, the frequent flyer.

$1299BUY IT

2021 Apple iMac: It’s the latest and greatest iMac – what else is there to say? If you’re looking for a functional gift that your recipient will use every day, for hours a day, this selection is nearly foolproof. Make it more personal by choosing your recipient’s favorite color. Who will love it: The student, the work-from-homer, the creative.

$2497BUY IT

2021 Apple MacBook Pro: Give the gift of productivity to your favorite techie with the feature-packed MacBook Pro. The new processors are at treat. With the sheer number of hours shaved off from development time, even companies like Uber, Twitter and Spotify are bulk ordering these for their employees. Who will love it: The student, the programmer, the tech enthusiast.

$649BUY IT

2021 Apple iPad Mini: Video chatting, digital drawing, video streaming, gaming, studying, note-taking, working, and more – the latest iPad mini is the perfect multipurpose gift bolstered with the power of portability. Choose from a range of stylish color options to best suit your recipient. Who will love it: The student, the digital artist, the video chatter.

$389BUY IT

Apple Watch Series 7: Anyone who uses an iPhone, iMac, or MacBook is sure to appreciate the perfect companion piece – the sleek and feature-packed Apple Watch. The Series 7 boasts an incredible range of functionality from health monitoring to handsfree calls, directions, payments, and more. It also has some of the most durable glass in its class. Who will love it: The fitness buff, the multitasker, the Apple fan.

$350BUY IT

EONE Bradley Wristwatch: While the EONE Bradley wristwatch immediately impresses with its unconventional modern appearance, its unique ball bearing watch face has a deeper motivation behind its design. The unique tactile format is made with smart accessibility in mind, easily read with a touch. Who will love it: The minimalist, the fashion-forward, a loved one with limited vision.

$1579BUY IT

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3: Flip phones are making a comeback in an exciting new way. For the gift recipient who is always on the cutting edge, the Galaxy Z Fold3 will help them stand apart from the rest. From high quality photos to the super big screen, this phone offers everything you’d expect from the latest flagship plus so much more. Who will love it: The adventurous techie, the TikTok creator, the multitasker.

$2999BUY IT

DJI Mavic 3 Camera Drone: This ultra-luxury gift idea could be a powerful tool for amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals alike. It’s a super stable, powerful drone packed with the latest features to provide 46 minutes of smooth flight. But the camera is where this piece really shines, able to take dazzling aerial photographs with a pro edge. Who will love it: The drone hobbyist, the photographer, the videographer.

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