Home Designing Holiday Gift Guide 2020

When shall we put the tree up? What starter shall we serve on the day? Kitsch or classy wrapping paper? And, what on Earth are we going to buy for Aunt Mable this year! With so much to stress over, let us take the reins on great gift ideas that will even put a grin on Mable’s face… But maybe not Uncle Kev, no one can make him happy. Your family deserve better than an average gift, and this is definitely not your average gift guide. We’ve picked out presents that fit with obscure pastimes and offbeat personalities. Gifting couples? We’ve included some stylish ideas for the household too. Let’s get this season sorted.

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Gantri Maskor Table Lamp: Cosying up under the covers with a great book might just be one of the best ways to while away the winter. With a soothing white shell inspired shade, this chic table lamp will brighten up reading sessions with its whorls of comforting glow. Who will love it: The night owl, the book worm, the minimalist.


LED Accordion Lamp: Music lights up your heart and lights up your room wherever that may be with this accordian style travel lamp. Just “play” the accordion to have it switch between warm and cool white light. Who will love it: The musician, the traveller, the gadget guy.


Elephant Paper Lamps: Safari holidays might not be possible right now but you can set up a mini wildlife reserve at home with a herd of illuminated elephant decor. Better yet, the lamps come as a pre-cut papercraft kit so there’s fun in the making too. Who will love it: The wild at heart, the animal lover, the avid crafter.

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Normann Copenhagen Bell Pendants: “And the bells were ringing out for Christmas day!” Well, these bell pendants might not be ringing but they sure do hit a note of contemporary style that will bring any decor scheme bang up to date. Who will love it: The renovated room, the newlyweds, the decor enthusiast.


Modern Table Top Fireplace: There’s nothing quite like the open flame of a fireplace as frost gathers upon the window panes. Transport the hearth to any room of the home with this portable tabletop fire, fueled by smokeless & odorless rubbing alcohol. Add it to a coffee table or desk, make it a glorious dining table centrepiece or take it outdoors. Who will love it: The romantic couple, the one who’s always cold, the candle collector.


Ring LED Planter: We miss our gardens in the colder months, but we can still make the most of green indoor pals. With sunlight waning, an LED planter will give your growers all they need to thrive. It dims to a subtle ambient glow for use as a pleasant lamp too. Who will love it: The hobby gardener, the student on campus, the eco friend.


Double Walled Bear Glass: Not everyone has a significant other to hibernate with, but drinking hot cocoa out of this cute bear will deliver a warm hug in a mug. Who will love it: The young adult, the one who still sleeps with a stuffed animal, anyone with a heart.

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Whale Shaped Wine Decanter: Usually it’s water spouting out of a whale but this guy is full of something quite a bit stronger.
A special funnel sieves, aerates and directs the wine towards the decanter’s inner walls to prevent bruising. Who will love it: The wine connoisseur, the grandparents, the hobby sailor.


Heart Shaped Flower Vase: You can send your love, or you can send your whole beating heart complete with veins and arteries. More gift ideas for decorative vases here. Who will love it: The girlfriend, the scientist, the doctor.

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Eames House Bird Walnut Edition: It might not sing with the dawn chorus, but the Eames bird figurine certainly has a voice in fashionable home interiors. An iconic symbol of Eames design, and a very special house gift. Who will love it: The sophisticate friend, the bird watcher, the home interiors enthusiast.


Peace Lily Plant: Friend and family feuds happen. The main thing is that we make up and move on. Call a truce with indoor plants that symbolise the raising of the white flag with a white spath. Who will love it: The in-laws, the fiery friend, the next door neighbour.


Artificial Plant: If you’re giving a plant to someone who doesn’t have time to look after it, then you’re giving unwanted responsibility. If the recipient has pets too, you also have to be mindful about which plants can be toxic to them. Take out the guesswork by gifting an easy care, pet friendly faux plant. Who will love it: The workaholic, the pet owner, the one who can’t keep anything green alive.


Framed Transparent Botanical Print: Forget dropped leaves, forget the watering, and forget taking up shelf space. A framed botanical print brings revitalising greenery with zero mess or commitment. Who will love it: The friend, the minimalist, the botanical decor adopter.

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Wooden Wall Art: Give the gift of a mountain view with this handcrafted geometric wooden wall art–they even come in different sizes so they can fit all sorts of spaces. Who will love it: The guest room, the parents. the bare wall brigade.


Whale And Diver Resin Piece: Not your average paperweight, this little piece of the ocean contains real algae, gravel and a 3D whale embedded in a magnifying resin cube. The 3D underwater diorama makes a cool paperweight, and even glows in the dark. Who will love it: The teenager, the home worker, the whale watcher.


Music Note Clips: Every line of washing and every to do list can become a melody with these novelty musical note clips. Strong enough to keep a duvet cover on the line, pretty enough to pep up a notice board. Why not make a music themed gift package with one of these music themed home decor ideas too. Who will love it: the music teacher, the singer, the musician.


Cute Cat Beds: We can’t forget a treat for our furry friends during the holiday season, and what better way to show them you care than giving them a new piece of snuggly stylish cat furniture. Who will love it: The cat, the neighbours cat, the crazy cat lady.


Foot Rest Cat House: Please a whole household with cat furniture that’s not just for cats. This cow shaped piece is a quirky footstool for adults, a fun seat for kids, and a hangout for Tiddles. Who will love it: Tiddles, the cat lover, the kid.


Modern Bird Feeder: Feathered visitors to our gardens can find it tough to forage food when the ground is hard and branches are bare. This geometric bird feeder with seed tray will give them shelter and a little pick me up. Who will love it: The grandparents, the mother, the twitcher.


Beta Fish Plushie: Fish are a much loved pet, but you can’t give them a cuddle… Seriously, throw it back. Instead of wishing, grab a plushie that can be personalised to emulate your very own Betta. Fish not your thing? Check out these other cuddly pet themed throw pillows instead. Who will love it: The fish enthusiast, the plushie collector, the kid.


Octopus Bookends: They came from the depths to prop up a messy book collection, and shine golden lustre into a decor scheme… Well they came out of a resin mold anyway. A terrific set of unique bookends to jazz up the bookcase. Who will love it: The avid reader, the organised homeowner, the marine biologist.


Larq Self Cleaning Water Bottle: Reusable water bottles are great for the environment, but boy do they harbour some bacteria. We’ll skip the gross science lesson and simply tell you that this self-cleaning bottle with sleeve uses clever tech to purify water and rid inner surfaces of stinky bacteria and viruses. Who will love it: The gym junkie, the commuter, the germaphobe.


Minimalist Tissue Holder Box: Tissues wipe noses, dry tears, correct makeup, and will always be useful for something to somebody. Basically they’re the gift that keeps on giving, so why not style them up with a fresh holder. Who will love it: The mother, the tidy freak, the minimalist.


Corgi Coffee Mug: The Queen of England herself might reach for a brew in a beloved corgi mug, so why not pick up a unique coffee mug for the queenie in your life. Who will love it: The wife, the mother, the royalist.


Heat Lock Mug: Don’t let chilly days put an end to hot coffees. Keep in the heat for twelve whole hours with a double wall vacuum, and keep out the tinny taste with a ceramic coating. Who will love it: The commuter, the workaholic, the busy mother.

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Electric Pour-Over Kettle: To some people, creating the ultimate cup of coffee or tea is a science worth studying. Slower pouring and steady temperatures are critical in preparing like a pro, which this bit of kit has proven in barista competitions across the USA & Europe. Who will love it: The coffee snob, the tea snob, the hostess.

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Modern Cuckoo Clock: Cuckoo clocks are super cute, but not so much when they go off at night. This modern cuckoo clock comes with a light sensor that turns off the sound in a dark environment. Who will love it: The mother, the light sleeper, the modernist.

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Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine: Save on buying a selection of expensive mixers and don’t worry about the measure (who was measuring anyway, right?) With this machine you just insert a cocktail capsule, select your preferred strength and press mix. Who will love it: The young adult, the hostess, the party house.


Pull Out Spice Rack: Those spice jars roll around draws, fall out of cupboards and generally make a nuisance of themselves. Give someone the gift of a pull out spice rack that not only keeps spices orderly but cunningly hidden. Who will love it: The cook, the mother, the tidy freak.

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Georg Jensen New York Cutlery Set: Some people see cutlery, others see an accolade for Danish design. This 24-piece set, designed by Danish sculptor & designer Henning Kopper, features a modern matte finish and minimalist rounded design. Who will love it: The hostess, the discerning homeowner, the design enthusiast.

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Jarvis Standing Desk: Back ache is real my friends. GIve the gift of a healthy spine and all sorts of additional health benefits with a standing desk. Who will love it: The workaholic, the student, the blogger.


Medieval Dagger Scissors: A great display piece and useful to boot. Why not pair these medieval dagger scissors with some unique knives to make an impressive gift set. Who will love it: The chef, the historian, the larper.


Retro Style Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker: Draw your own pixel art using just your finger and an app to create a unique bluetooth speaker equipped with alarm clock, weather, pixel games and more. Who will love it: The artist, the retro gamer, the 1980’s kid.

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Ikea Symfonisk Shelf Speaker: Get audio books piped right from a bedside shelf with a WiFi bookshelf speaker. Who will love it: The duvet day dweller, the minimalist, the gadget lover.


Botley The Coding Robot For Kids: It’s a digital world now and early programming skills go hand in hand with reading, writing & arithmetic. Be the cool relation and gift a robot that can be programmed to move around objects. Who will love it: The kid, the educator, the mother

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Microsoft Surface Headphones 2: Whether it’s music or movies they’re into, they’ll want these cool headphones with tactile on-ear dials for volume control and noise cancellation. Who will love it: The young adult, the husband, the gadget junkie.

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DJI Mini 2: Don’t give them the hassle of drone license requirements, opt for a palm-size, super light-weight drone that swoops in exactly 1g below the cutoff for FAA registration. With 4K/30 fps video and a three-axis motorized gimbal they’ll get great shots too. Who will love it: The photographer, the videographer, the big kid.

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Fitness Smart Mirror: Fitness junkies haven’t let the gym closures of 2020 slow them down. New tech has made the home workout interactive, like this smart mirror that connects users through a sleek responsive display. Who will love it: The gym junkie, the personal trainer, the sporty type.

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Meural Digital Photo Frame: Nobody prints out their photos anymore, but flipping through your phone doesn’t do the memories justice. Display family photos, or curate artwork, on an anti-glare matte display by using a mobile app or Alexa. Who will love it: The mother, the grandparent, the photographer.

$999BUY IT

iRobot Rooms s9+ With Automatic Dust Disposal: What’s better than a robot who cleans up after you? A robot that cleans up after itself too! This awesome device empties itself into a bag that will give your loved one several weeks of never having to even think about dust bunnies! Who will love it: The mother, the bachelor, the clean freak.

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Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera: We all want to keep our loved ones safe and feeling secure, which is why this security camera makes such a caring gift. Don’t worry about a tricky installation either, because this one is wireless and solar powered. Save videos on micro SD card and the cloud, and replay via the app. Who will love it: The first-time homeowner, the young family, the security conscious.

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Onyx Nova 3 E-Reader & Notepad: Books have always been a firm favourite in the realms of gift giving, but an e-reader will keep reading fresh year upon year. Rather than being restricted to the Kindle store, this Onyx e-reader supports Google Play Store and ePubs, and also functions as a notepad you can use to sketch. Who will love it: The bookworm, the commuter, the sketcher.

$1399BUY IT

Microsoft Surface Duo: The smart way to get into your grown-up child’s life is by putting a new phone in their pocket–there’ll be no excuse not to phone home when you’ve given them the means! Even better, the Surface Duo pulls mobile apps together with Microsoft 365 productivity, with two screens that can be taken anywhere. Who will love it: The young adult, the spouse, the tech junkie.

$1300BUY IT

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: If Santa’s really ramping up on tech this year, then this business-class phone has some other-worldly specs. The 6.9-inch 120Hz display is a dream, the superb camera features 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom, 12GB of RAM offers more than some of the best laptops, battery life keeps going all day, and the S Pen even syncs voice recordings with jotted notes. Who will love it: The student, the educator, the journalist.

$599BUY IT

New iPad Air: If a tablet is at the top of their list, the New iPad Air is almost as powerful as the iPad Pro version and it is a lot cheaper. Who will love it: The young adult, the student, the spouse.

$4400BUY IT

Apple Pro Display XDR: Not for your average desktop setup, Apple’s first HDR display provides reference-level color accuracy and powerful HDR capabilities for niche prosumers. Who will love it: The professional content creator, the movie maker, the game developer.

$100BUY IT

Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse: Basically the Porsche of desktop mice, the MX Master 3 boasts precise electromagnetic scrolling that can stop on a pixel and scroll 1,000 lines in 1 second. Who will love it: The creative, the coder, the tech geek.

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Steampunk Style Mechanical Keyboard: For the steampunk in your life, this cool keyboard will fashion a desktop that reflects their quirky style. Who will love it: The steampunk, the tech geek, the individualist.


Samsung Wireless Charger Trio: Know anybody who’s always hunting through chargers? Take the tangle outta charging with this triple charging station that can accommodate smartphones and Galaxy Buds on one side and a Galaxy Watch on the other. Who will love it: The tech junkie, the spouse, the young adult.


Glass Head Headphone Stand: When their very expensive headphones are not on their heads, they can stay safe and pristine on this very cool headphone stand. Who will love it: The young adult, the music lover, the movie enthusiast.

$399BUY IT

Oculus Quest 2: When you can’t go outside, open up new worlds with immersive VR technology. Just set up the device with the mobile app and off you go. Who will love it: The tech geek, the gamer, the teenager.

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