Exemplar for the ADA Standards

This year, I’m going to do something a little simpler–show you Autodesk’s video on 2017 new features and then list them.

Smart centerlines and center marks

They’re easier to create and edit.

AutoCAD 360 Pro mobile app

You can draft, edit, and view 2D CAD drawings on your mobile device. Has anyone tried [...]

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Exemplar is a thing that helps us with the operation of many things and technologies. More precisely, in this post you will have the chance to see some of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. All of the codes that are added to the guidelines should be readable and clear. Or else, there would be difficulties in designing the project, and later on using it. The ADA guidelines are done in an amazing way that give us firm directions for navigating them. More importantly, they are available online and you can download them.Exemplar for the ADA Standards

Exemplar for the ADA Standards

See the pictures below, and if you are feeling intrigued or in need, click the link and find the link for the downloadable PDF document.


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