Durable Designs of Bamboo

  Architecture firm LYCS have recently completed the interior renovation of the Mylines Hotel in Hangzhou, China, and as part of the project, they designed a futuristic room that has the bed sunken down into the floor. The only part of the bed that rises up from the floor is the small top part of […]

Durable designs are always welcomed and asked from the constructors. One of the most resistant and perfect material are the bamboo sticks. The bamboo stands as a plant that offers a connection with the nature and an awesome natural flow in the homes. The bamboo is not only a great way to incorporate natural elements in the home, but it is very easy material for working. Here, you can see the bamboo design for roofs which allows the space to be airy.Durable Designs of Bamboo

Durable Designs of Bamboo

Click the link below if you are intrigued by the usage of the bamboo on these pictures and check the detailed plans and their descriptions.



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