Designing Houses with Squares

  Architecture firm LYCS have recently completed the interior renovation of the Mylines Hotel in Hangzhou, China, and as part of the project, they designed a futuristic room that has the bed sunken down into the floor. The only part of the bed that rises up from the floor is the small top part of […]

Designing houses has no limits, you only have to tell your wishes to the architects so they can start drawing and creating. With the technology and the materials today, the homes can have all the shapes and sizes that we could imagine. This particular post is focused on making a house with using only one shape, squares. The architect quickly draws a beautiful mountain house with straight lines. This interesting house has a floor levels, lots of light and outdoor spaces, balconies and a deck.Designing Houses with Squares

Designing Houses with Squares

Enjoy the video of the drawing of this house with simple lines below.


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