Crushed Columns as Very Bad Construction Mistakes

Are your drawings bloated for no obvious reason? When you insert a block, is there a long list of blocks that aren’t in the drawing? Ditto for layers?

Oversized drawings load more slowly, take up more storage space, and take longer to save.

Then you need the PURGE command!

Yes, you want slim drawings

Definitions [...]

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Crushed columns that have surpassed the stage of buckling are presented with images here. Lack of steel reinforcement is only one reason out of several other design related reasons which can lead to both column buckling and crushing. And also, the luck of knowledge or luck of finance can be very good reason why this happened. The rezults are bad, and if the collapse of the building additionally happened than there is no justifying! 

Crushed Columns

The gallery bellow will show you several different column designs resulting with this problem. Very, very bad!

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