Bringing Dark Interiors Out Of The Shadows With Colourful Accents

Pops of vibrant colour are a popular companion for plain white decor schemes, but how about switching to the other end of the spectrum? Replacing a crisp white background with a jet black canvas creates a whole new vibe around bright accent pieces. The aesthetic morphs from light-hearted and lively to slick and bold. These two inspirationally dark and colourful decor examples demonstrate sleek style that leaves a lasting impression. With the help of sharp, linear furniture silhouettes, these layouts look pulled together and brave. Modern wall art pierces midnight paintwork, vivid hero pieces burst from the shadows, saturated statement walls bring new depth, and startling ceiling treatments turn up the intensity.

Designer: Ksenia Karavaeva  
Photographer: Polina Poludkina  

Our first inspirational dark decor scheme fills a modern flat in Moscow, Russia. A yellow ochre wingback chair bursts from a matte black backdrop, with a spray of natural greenery for company.

A silver grey modern sofa lifts the rest of the lounge space, making a pale companion for a wall of light window frames.

A black floor lamp falls into the shadows behind the colourful accent chair, whilst a soft grey side table nestles in with the indoor plant.

The gentle blue tonal paint strokes of wall art become intense against a black gallery wall.

The large light grey sofa and light beech wood laminate flooring keep the base of the colour scheme looking light and airy, so that the pitch back walls do not become oppressive.

Black decor is dismissed from the home entryway, replaced instead by a delicious burnt orange shade that creates a warm welcome.

The saturation builds up intensity of colour before dropping into the darker decor of the living room, to cause a moment of surprise and contrast.

An L-shaped kitchen cuts off the back of the open floor plan, keeping the culinary area and dining spot very separate from the neighbouring lounge.

Mini dining room pendant lights subtly illuminate the wood tone table in the centre of the black room.

Four black dining chairs edge the rectangle dining table, playing second fiddle to its rich natural finish.

A glass vase and modern fruit bowl carry a splash of colour into the dining area, though it’s a piece of modern wall art that really shakes up the dark palette.

The dining table’s wood tone forms a cosy tonal link with the adjacent kitchen cabinets.

Wooden units wrap around the dark kitchen decor like a warm hug.

Black countertops, and black facing on the kitchen peninsula, hides much of the natural grain from the apartment’s lounge area. Instead, the wood tone is revealed gradually upon approach.

A live edge headboard ups the natural vibes in the master bedroom. Small modern wall sconces overlook the rustic feature.

Sleek black bedside tables float against the rugged timber.

The wooden flip top vanity table is accessorised with a JWDA table lamp by Menu. An elegant dusky pink vanity chair adds a sweet pick-me-up to the grey room.

A glass closet gives the bedroom a feeling of added space.

Inside the ensuite bathroom, a small bathtub achieves a crisp, custom fit.

Burnt orange decor bleeds into the bathroom that’s situated just off the home entryway.

Black accents surround a unique pedestal sink.

Visualizer: Alfgram Koie  

Our second featured interior is a loft style apartment with a startling ceiling and challenging design. Below the scarlet roof, a grey round coffee table, grey sofa, grey carpet and drapes appear completely desaturated, as though all of the colour has been sucked up by the ceiling.

This void of colour allows the eyes to rest under the overhead riot.

An indoor herb planter brightly interrupts the slick black island, creating pause between the relaxed dining table and a busy prep zone.

Twin chimney extractors look all business above a 5 burner cooktop. See more inspiration for black kitchens here.

A long linear suspension light seamlessly illuminates the full length of the kitchen island and dining table without detracting from the extraordinary red ceiling treatment.

The red bedroom ceiling is another astonishing piece of upturned art, which dominates a dark grey and black scheme.

Light artwork breaks up the dark bedroom walls.

The Neuro pendant lamp by Davide Groppi maps zigzags by each bedside…

…. Before descending upon large white cabinets that skim just under the window sills.

Texture plays an important part in dark decor, to create highlights and tonal interest.

Red stem pendant lights drip from the statement ceiling inside the bathroom.

A red door handle puts the devil in the details.

Sharp black silhouettes form a double vanity feature and an unusual bathtub design.

Black metalwork builds an L-shaped light permeable backdrop around the bathtub, with an open view of the dressing room. A unique black side table stands by for bath toiletries or a glass of wine at the end of the day.

A modern toilet blends with black textured wall panels, which swirl in the gloom.

On the other side of the bathroom’s metalwork wall, pale cabinets strike a moment of light relief across a wall of black and red decor.

Another trio of red stem pendant lights focus on the vanity units, which are the same spacious design as the bedside cabinets. A full length mirror doubles up the vanity light, whilst LED ribbons illuminate the underside of the units to exaggerate their floating aesthetic.

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