An Eclectic Cocktail Of Classical Decor And Modern Art

Elegant boiserie and decorative columns form a decorative background for works of contemporary sculpture and unique accent furniture. Designed by Oksana Dolgopiatova, this 261 square metre, two-story apartment belongs to a couple and their two children. The clients were clear in their request to create a comfortable space that reflects their personalities and love of classical elements, industrial style, natural materials, and modern art. By mixing different styles, textures, and character inside one living space, a personalised and uniquely harmonious home design was created at the top of the 13-story residential building. The interior layout was completely rearranged to accommodate the needs of the new homeowners and to maximise the potential of the dwelling.

Photographer: Andrey Bezuglov  

The main living room is a spacious open plan lounge, dining, kitchen combo. Exposed brickwork gives the apartment an industrial essence, whilst truncated boiserie panels layer up elegant classical styling.

A modular sofa divides the open plan concept. The striking black living room floor lamp beside the sofa is a Construction lamp L, designed by Joost van Bleiswijk for Moooi.

The modular sofa arrangement extends in two directions, serving the dining area as well as the TV-facing lounge. Black and white scatter cushions add interest to the plain, pale grey sofa upholstery.

The original narrow staircase, which dominated floor space close to the windows, was relocated to the centre of the apartment.

The owners of the apartment chose not to have a hallway that would separate the staircase from the living space in order to achieve a fully united layout.

A chair with ottoman pulls up close and cosily to a modern fireplace. Above the fireplace, clean white baroque stucco and a solid wood cornice form a chic focal point.

A concrete TV stand complements the industrial vibe of the exposed brickwork walls.

Modern sculptures contribute strong silhouettes and bold colour to the room.

Glass panels share natural light from the living room with a guest bathroom.

Inside the guest bathroom, a fashionable modern racetrack-shaped vanity mirror is paired with the bathroom sink and a contemporary black washstand. A classical bust and an industrial-inspired concrete planter ornament a set of bathroom shelves.

The dining peninsula branches out from a central kitchen island. Upholstered kitchen bar stools seat up to eight people.

Focussed spotlights highlight sculpture in the kitchen dining space.

Oak flooring spans the whole living space, completing one cohesive look.

Exposed ducting pulls the industrial element across the ceiling of the kitchen, whilst traditional boiserie is spliced with startling red paintwork to create an eye-catching statement wall.

Modern black spotlights illuminate the length of the kitchen island.

A unique dining room chandelier brings a sculptural element over the dining peninsula.

A ribbon of LED light intensifies the red accent wall.

The solidity of the colour-blocked wall counterbalances the intricacy of the boiserie.

Wooden window shutters complement the natural wood moulding that crowns the perimeter.

The entryway is defined from the living room by a change in flooring and cast-iron outdoor column design. A unique grey pouf matches the concrete screed.

A red stool and a mesmerising black and white chequered side table draw the eye.

Sophisticated wooden wall panelling works to somewhat camouflage doors to the adjoining rooms.

Black powder-coated metal balustrades climb the sides of the wooden staircase.

Upstairs, white stucco fashions a light and bright landing.

Modern sculpture nestles within the spindles.

Glass panels allow natural light to pass through without obstruction.

A roof lantern brings sunlight flooding down the stairwell.

The master bedroom is a grand space with an open plan ensuite bathroom. Panoramic windows make the most of the view from the thirteenth floor of the residential complex.

Modern artwork adds abstract colour above a monochrome modern upholstered bed. A unique floor lamp places a luxe gold accent by the bedside.

On the opposite side of the upholstered bed, a deep, wooden window sill doubles as a bedside shelf. Outside the window, A balcony is decorated with potted plants and wooden decking.

The master suite is almost exactly halved between the sleep space and the ensuite bathroom area. Black, white and grey patterned bathroom floor tiles mark the change in function from the oak wood-floored bedroom. An elegant bedroom chair further solidifies the separation of zones, along with a floor-standing mirror and a small side table. Mirrored doors lead to the walk-in wardrobe.

Upon the small side table, a sculptural planter fetches a high-shine golden accent. Behind it, a freestanding bathtub basks in the sunlight from the top floor windows.

Opposite the tub, a crisp white bathroom sink cleanly contrasts with a concrete vanity countertop.

Golden wall sconces match with the bedside floor lamp.

Privacy curtains are drawn closed across the glass shower enclosure and the WC area.

Herringbone tiles interlock behind the wall hung toilet and bidet set.

Brass fixtures add warm metallic touches.

The eclectic mix of classical, industrial, and artistic elements continues inside the home office. An art plinth and floor lamp carry decorative elements to the side of a small couch. The unique plant stand is an Hourglass Pot by Ferm Living.

The floor plan illustrates an added laundry room on the first floor of the apartment. On the second floor, we can see the generous scale of the master closet, and how the two children’s rooms flank a children’s bathroom.

Apartment layout before redevelopment.

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