Absurdity of London’s “Super Basements” Presented Trough the Drawings

This is a fairly simple wheel with a center tube for an axle/pole, a rim, and 6 holes. You can create a 3D wheel like this entirely with cylinders! Watch this 9-minute video tutorial and follow along to create it from scratch yourself.

You’ll learn how to:

Create cylinders: Cylinders are an obvious choice for [...]

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Absurdity that happens lately in London intrigued many of us. Actually, the wealthy developers are trying to increase their properties underground. The phenomenon known as “iceberg homes” is very popular in the English capital but one of their $1.5 million home had collapsed “into a pile of rubble”. The owner attempted to construct a vast, two-story basement extension beneath his property.Absurdity of London’s “Super Basements”

Absurdity of London’s “Super Basements”

Actually, these “basements” are huge and have many store’s bellow the ground level, offering so many luxury things. Sweeming pool areas, sport courts, car garage, wine cellars, cinema rooms… Take a look how it looks!


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