A Spirited Blue Accent Home Interior

Blue is a special color. Reminiscent of the open sky and the clear ocean, it makes us feel calm and at peace with an undercurrent of strength and confidence. Blue is also symbolic of loyalty, intelligence, and stability, so it is a positive color to include in our homes. The modern home design we’re touring today is blessed with fresh blue accents and extraordinary statement pieces. Visualized by 梦太初, this is a home that spells style, luxury, and spirit. We’ll study a large living room with a glass wall home office attached, a master bedroom with an artist’s area, a fabulous walk-in wardrobe, and an unforgettable bathroom.

Our first stop on this stylish modern house tour is a blue couch living room. The plush blue modular sofa is arranged in the center of the room, serving multiple directions. A large gray rug makes an island of soft texture beneath it. A meter away, a unique coffee table introduces a shining brass accent.

The blue tufted sofa is complemented by a matching blue hanging chair in the corner of the room. The chair hangs in complete solitude, its bold design forming sculptural interest against a much paler cream curtain. The drapes are there to close off a glass wall home office when desired.

At the opposite end of the living room, a modern TV slides away into its media stand when not in use. An extraordinary coffee table design stands between the TV and the couch. A small decorative vase draws a color link with the sofa’s blue upholstery.

Inside the home office, an unusual desk design hacks away the conventional office furniture silhouette. Black-stained wood planks are arranged in a geometric formation that hugs around the user, whilst providing ample space for a computer keyboard or a notebook. The workspace is positioned close to the window to take advantage of revitalizing views.

Wood effect floor tiles strike a crisp geometric pattern throughout the large living room and the hallway of the home. The hallway is lined with smooth cream stucco that cuts away in eye-catching curves above doorways. Soft perimeter lighting makes a cozy glow. A modern fireplace flickers inside a linear firebox.

Subtle curves continue inside the bedroom. They scoop in through the doorway and mold a unique headboard wall. The upholstered bed adds a whisper of blue-gray to the warm white decor scheme. A silver-gray comforter and pillow cases add cooler contrast. A welcoming white bedroom chair and a matching floor lamp form a reading nook beside a set of bookshelves. A pocket door leads to the dressing room and ensuite bathroom.

Beside the tufted headboard stands an exquisite wood and brass bedside table. The racetrack-shaped wooden top is supported by curved brass leg frames. A round brass tray extends toward the pillows of the bed. A glass vase filled with dried buds makes an understated adornment.

Two small side tables stand at the opposite side of the bed in a gleaming brass finish. A tonal gray rug underlines the bed and draws a connection to an artist’s area in the corner of the bedroom. A chair is draped with a sheet to hold the artist’s still life subject. A second pocket door leads directly into the living room.

A tower of wall shelving is color-matched with the walls to achieve a peaceful aesthetic. The open shelves are decorated with a restrained collection of small ornaments, books, and framed artwork. Large bedroom windows bring natural light flooding in.

As we enter the magnificent dressing room, we find walls lined with a combination of sleek white fitted wardrobes and glass-fronted walnut garment shelves. Each shelf is backlit with a ribbon of golden LED light to make selection a breeze. The ceiling is an impressive vaulted design with a curved skylight.

A round rug is settled in the center of the space, which creates a holding device for a statement floral chair and a unique floor lamp. A small white marble side table is on hand to catch discarded accessories or to hold a morning cup of coffee. There is also a glass storage volume in the center of the room to hold designer pieces and jewelry.

More garment shelves, rails, and floating chests of drawers furnish the final wall of the walk-in wardrobe. An oak ledge separates the wardrobe area from the geometric wood-effect tile floor. A custom-cut full-length mirror makes the installation appear twice its actual length.

An elegantly curved partition wall splits a dressing table area from the bathroom. A white marble vanity table and a decorative wall mirror attach to one side of the partition. A dainty vanity chair completes the ensemble.

On the other side of the partition wall, two gem-like blue glass pedestal sinks reflect in a huge circular mirror.

The round mirror stretches almost the full height and width of the dividing wall. The double sink setup is completed with a pair of modern freestanding faucets in a striking matt black finish.

A graceful blue glass bathtub colors the other side of the bathroom, beneath a stunning curved ceiling. The tub is situated between two spacious glass shower enclosures, creating a wonderfully balanced symmetrical layout. A simple black shelf holds toiletries close to hand. A gloss green side table brings in a pop of contrasting color.

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