51 Home Bar Ideas To Serve Happy Hour With Style

Having a home bar is a fun way to entertain guests or unwind after a long day. But before you get started, it’s important to understand the differences between a wet bar and a dry bar. As the name suggests, a wet bar has a water supply and drain, which is handy for cleaning up messes and refilling ice trays. A sink is handy but you’ll need the help of a plumber for installation. A dry bar is an easy DIY option for storing alcohol and glassware but you’ll need to pop to the kitchen for your H2O. The choice is yours! Here are 51 home bar ideas to serve happy hour with style.

Designer: YZDA | Yoshida + Zanon Design Atrium  

First and foremost, consider a useful placement for your home bar. Will it be used frequently enough to make it part of your living room or would it make more sense as a piece of the dining room? This home bar is teamed with a glass island and a set of electric blue chairs to create the appearance of an authentic night out.

Designer: Anova Interior Design  
Visualizer: Stanislav Ananev & Tanya Vorobyeva  

Make your home bar a part of the arch decor trend by fitting it right inside of a shaped alcove. Apply a colorful tiled backsplash to accentuate the curved silhouette.

Designer: Jasmin Reese Interiors  

Create a party atmosphere with a bright and colorful wallcovering. This wild zigzag paper is overlaid with lustrous gold wall shelves and playful monkey-themed wall sconces.

Designer: Jenkins Interiors  

Define your bar area from the rest of your living space by installing a peninsula.

Designer: Pineapple House Interior Design  

Flank your wet bar with wine storage refrigerator cabinets to keep your favorite tipple at optimum serving temperature.

Designer: Kalaa Chakra Interiors  

These wine storage units turn the bottles sideways so that you can read the whole label at a glance. Sideways bottle storage also allows the units to be very shallow, making them a great fit when space is limited.

Designer: Catdal Interiors  

If space is extremely tight, then a chic bar cart does the trick! This chic little number is teamed with a full-length wall mirror to double its effect.

Designer: Zaha Hadid  

If you’re a sci-fi fan then a futuristic home bar might meet your adventurous taste.

Visualizer: Agora Studio  

Don’t be afraid to take your wine storage shelves all the way up to the rafters. The highest shelves can be used to keep those special occasion bottles safely stored, while lower shelves are for regular plonk.

Visualizer: YoDezeen  

Set an eye-catching scene, no matter the limitations of space. This relatively narrow wall comes alive under a covering of rugged rock and atmospheric LED illumination.

Designer: Sync Studio  

An L-shaped bar provides extra space for guests to gather around. Add a wall-mounted TV to make this into a great hangout during sports seasons.

Visualizer: Artpartner Architects  

Open up your home bar to a wonderful skyscape by installing skylights above it. You can sip on your favorite drink while the rain pitter-patters against the glass.

Via: Lynn  

Elevate your home by crowning it with an exquisite chandelier.

Designer: Alwill  

Muted green and cognac leather create a mature color set for a sophisticated home bar. Back your bar shelving with mirrors to introduce a bright plane of light.

Visualizer: Simple Form Interiors  

Integrate a home bar into your kitchen diner area if that’s where you’re most likely to indulge in something a little stronger. Wine storage nooks can be raised up high alongside wall cabinets. A pegboard wall offers endless opportunities for displaying different types of glasses.

Visualizer: Sello  

Build a room within a room. This modern bar design features a curved canopy that differentiates it from the rest of the space. It also creates a support beam to hang wine glasses.

Designer: Locati Architects  

Try a sturdy metal worktop to set your home bar apart from the rest. This one features a cool, nailhead trim.

Designer: Solk Architecture  

A dining room home bar makes a convenient addition to dinner parties. If you don’t want it to detract from the food, tuck it away neatly into the corner.

Designer: Alexander Design  

Unique black bar stools are the main focus of this stylish home bar area. They make stark contrast with an elegant white marble counter.

Visualizer: Smadar Studio  

Already maxed out on space? How about hanging a drinks bar from the ceiling above your kitchen island?

Source: 281 Bentley Circle  

When you have a lot of friends with a lot of different tastes, it’s best to be equipped. Make wall shelves as long as you can to accommodate all of those bottles and copious drinking vessels.

Source: E C Schmitt & Company  

If you have prized bottles to show off, then build a showcase right at the heart of your home bar design.

Visualizer: Viresha Choudhary  

Guide guests toward the celebration area with a series of recessed strip lights that bridge the walls and ceiling.

Via: Houzz  

Let’s face it, bar stools aren’t the most comfortable places to park up for hours of fun. So, how about some cozy tub chairs instead? The only problem we can see here is that your guests may never want to leave!

Designer: Tays & Co Design Studios  

Set up a rustic home bar with a beautiful stone wall, chunky timber shelves, and a traditional brass faucet.

Visualizer: Blue Studio 288  

Make practical wine storage the star of the show with a magical backlit configuration.

Visualizer: Hrvoje Sedlic  

Stack rows and rows of wine up to the ceiling to build a lavish bar theme.

Designer: David Lucido  
Via: Introspective  

Let a classic paneled wall treatment shine through your new bar setup by installing low-impact glass shelving.

Designer: Design Milieu  

Fashion a mid-century modern bar area with a vintage freestanding teak unit and some retro glassware.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

Surround your bar area with useful storage cabinets. These units feature a unique geometric slatted design that adds a striking pattern to the room.

Visualizer: Ricky  

Situate your bar counter at the boundary of a split-level floor design. The step creates a comfortable footrest for your bar stools.

Visualizer: Rae Duncan Interior Design  

Hang artwork at the center of your bar area to create a pleasant focal point. Flank the wall art with glass cabinets full of bottles to create a colorful frame.

Visualizer: Orange Coast Interior Design  

Use color-changing lights to call attention to key points in the bar area, like a selection of fine wines, favorite spirits, or fine crystal glasses.

Designer: 2id Interiors  

A small fridge is useful for storing beer, larger, and soft drinks. A glass-fronted drinks fridge builds a true bar aesthetic.

Via: Dwell  

Sliding doors offer a flexible solution for a home bar. When closed, the room is simple and homey. Once open, the room transforms into a sleek, celebratory zone.

Designer: Gallagher Interiors  

Globe home bars were popular in the 50s and 60s, and they’re still pretty cool now.

Visualizer: Paul McClean  

Build a luxury home bar with glossy walnut cabinets and bold black marble countertops. Bright blue LED strips make a perfect accompaniment alongside a panoramic view of a blue ocean horizon or an illuminated infinity pool.

Designer: Nadav Rokach  

Jazz up your home bar with intricately patterned wallpaper. Balance out the busyness with swathes of natural wood tone.

Designer: Hermitage Kitchen Gallery  

Construct an industrial home bar aesthetic with metal pipe shelf brackets and reclaimed wood worktops.

$1475BUY IT

This brass pipe and glass shelf unit makes a gorgeous pairing with a petrol blue bar unit.

$260BUY IT

A little bit of clever shelving can go a long way. Check out this wine holder and spirit shelf unit, which also looks great in multiples.

Visualizer: Galeria 733  

Make use of a wide walkway for your home bar.

Visualizer: Ivane Gavasheli  

Double-height living rooms extend the opportunity for vertical wine storage.

Visualizer: Two —o Seven  

Tag a tall bar unit onto the end of your kitchen run to make serving guests a breeze. This way you don’t have to plumb in a separate wet bar basin–just use the kitchen sink.

Designer: KOZÉ Studios  

Conceal the bar area at the end of your kitchen run with full-height doors and racks of door-mounted shelving.

Designer: Nina Maya Interiors  

This occasional kitchen bar is cheerfully on display, yet protected from dust, behind sliding glass doors. Sloping bottle shelves build a jaunty, geometric statement.

Via: The Designory  

Pastel colors and light woods build a sweet aesthetic that’s perfect for making summertime Pimms.

Designer: M House Development  

A well-thought-out, small home bar design can fit into unlikely nooks and crannies. This tiny nook fits 36 bottles of wine, a full drinks fridge, an edge-to-edge glass rack that holds up to 24 vessels, and even a couple of cute decor shelves.

Visualizer: NANYU DESIGN  

Use metallic edging and perimeter lighting to illuminate a bright beacon of fun. Utilize a few of the bar shelves to display decorative bowls and sculptures for added interest.

$13665BUY IT

This subtle wall-mounted drinks cabinet looks like a piece of wooden wall decor until it opens on a central hinge. A piece like this could fit almost anywhere – even next to the bathtub for some extra cheeky bubbles!

Source: Planning & Building  

Style a fabulous light installation along your home bar, like this punchy blue glass concept. The colorful glass catches the daylight even without the electricity flowing. At night, the tinted mini pendants set an enlivening atmosphere.

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