51 Gold Kitchens With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

The gold kitchen decor trend is regularly approached tamely with small gold kitchen accessories, upgraded hardware, or maybe a gold kitchen appliance or two. However, if you really want this upmarket trend to ooze luxury and bold personality, you’ve got to go bigger. Gold kitchen cabinets can be used for an all-out Midas touch, or just a few accent units can achieve the required luxurious fullness of the aesthetic without becoming overpowering in the space. This collection of 51 gold kitchens, fabulous accessories, pendant lights and bar stools show just how to achieve the luxe metallic mood of the moment without appearing even a little bit gaudy.

Visualizer: OSTROVSKA  

A splash of gold, or rather a backsplash of gold, can be just enough to make your kitchen hit bang on trend. A gold backsplash can be retrofitted into an existing modern kitchen design and will look right at home when teamed with some upgraded gold kitchen hardware.

Designer: Quadro Room  

Single and ready to mingle. A single row of gold kitchen wall cabinets mingles with a gold-trimmed island in this design. See more of this luxe gold and stone enriched home interior here.

Designer: Xenia Korobova   
Visualizer: Anastasiya Zhigir  

Golden and bright, this linear suspension light adds lustre and illumination above a brushed gold kitchen island with a smooth travertine countertop. A gold kitchen shelf and matching metallic reveal call attention to the kitchen sink area.

Visualizer: O.M. Shumelda  

Instead of splitting your gold kitchen with an additional colour cabinet front, break up the run with contrasting texture like this smooth and slatted kitchen arrangement.

Designer: Quadro Room  

Regal gold meets royal blue. Multi-Lite pendants by Gubi and three gold kitchen bar stools make a rich union with a solid blue kitchen island in this chic concept.

Visualizer: Kamran Karimov  

Another set of Multi-Lite pendants by Gubi form a golden trio above an integrated dining peninsula.

Visualizer: Aleksey Demchenko  

A cut above the rest. This upmarket black and gold kitchen design features a dramatic, asymmetrical cut through in a stunning lustrous finish.

Designer: Studio Author  

Golden and light. The golden core of this kitchen shines like the sun at the centre of the solar system. Gold wall sconces and a gold kitchen faucet dapple gold around its orbit.

Visualizer: AB Architects  

Reflect to perfect. Metallic surfaces look their best when they are reflecting the light, so this 3D tiled backsplash looks sublime with its light-catching facets.

Visualizer: Łukasz Brzozowski  

Shine from the shadows. This hi-shine gold kitchen island is positioned perfectly to catch the natural light from a neighbouring window, which draws it forth from the shadows of an otherwise black kitchen scheme.

Visualizer: Maxim Shpinkov  

Marvel at mixed metals. Gold and silver are shining examples of how mixed metals make a luxurious combo. Introduce elements of natural wood tone to warm the look through.

Visualizer: Yogatama Ramadhan  

Golden geometrics. This fabulous kitchen island design is shaped with white marble and metallic gold that come together in a crisp geometric cut.

Visualizer: Vladyslava Torhonska  

Gold and grand. An oversized gold sputnik chandelier makes a grand companion for a gold-clad kitchen island.

Visualizer: Alexandr Tyan  

In this gold kitchen design, a smaller modern chandelier has been doubled up to create the required wow factor over a dining peninsula.

Via: 3D Brute  

Lined with gold. Routed gold unit fronts are complemented by wireframe kitchen bar stools in this one, making the texture of the scheme just as dominant as the gold accent colour.

Visualizer: Kateryna Rudenko  

Worthy of a superhero. These spectacular stools are the Serous Bar Stool designed by Michael Sean Stolworthy, which were featured in Marvel Studio’s Black Panther film.

Designer: Yuriy Zimenko  
Visualizer: Podium  

From the happiest place on earth to your kitchen, this golden Mickey Mouse statue adds a fun element to a serious black and gold kitchen layout.

Visualizer: Image Box Studios  

Combine gold kitchen accents with other eye-catching colours without causing a clash. Swathes of white will create a spacious and airy pause between bold accents, whilst natural wood grain brings earthy balance. In this design, a trio of low-hanging kitchen pendant lights delicately thread the contrasting elements together.

Visualizer: Apartment Therapy  
Source: Kip&Co  

In this example, a blush pink kitchen island combines with a green streaked backsplash and bright gold cabinets to make a colourful fusion. This is the Home of Alex McCabe, founder of the bright and colourful homeware brand, Kip & Co.

Visualizer: Yulia Cherviachenko  

Another push on pink accents, this dusky rose and terrazzo kitchen decor scheme is crowned with golden orb pendants and a gold kitchen tap.

Visualizer: AR 1 Studio  

Green and golden glory. Golden drawer fronts add a glorious accent strip above muted green kitchen cabinets. Leaf print kitchen linens or upholstered dining chairs will instil a complementary botanical aesthetic.

Designer: Bogatyreva Madina  
Visualizer: Yatmanova Polina  

Graceful grey and gold. A painted grey kitchen with gold hardware speaks of classic elegance. Add a gold extractor unit for extra wow factor.

Visualizer: Oksana Dolgopiatova  

This time around, a gold kitchen extractor unit is the showpiece for a pistachio green and natural wood kitchen decor scheme.

Designer: Auhaus Architecture  

Double the extractor, double the impact.

Visualizer: Karpenko Daria & Vepryk Aleksey   

Gold appliances and vertical garden walls. For an uninterrupted gold kitchen run, integrated gold appliances will help you to achieve one solid expanse. Add interest to the end of your kitchen run with a narrow vertical garden strip, where lush green leaves will grow enlivening contrast and texture.

Visualizer: Illuminance  

Rich and rustic. Build a rustic frame around a glossy gold kitchen with exposed brickwork. Maximise the effect by bleeding gold cabinet fronts into a matching god backsplash to fill in a solid core.

Designer: Multi form  

Solid gold bars. This island bar is formed out of one solid gold volume and a cantilevered wood countertop for contrast.

Source: Wren Kitchens  

If you’re not ready for the Midas touch en mass, you can settle for a collection of small gold kitchen accessories, new pendant lights and upgrade your kitchen bar stools to nod to the fashionable metallic aesthetic.

Visualizer: Jasmin Kodzha  

Time for champagne. Satin champagne gold elements make a more delicate statement than their yellow gold counterparts.

Via: Bo Bedre  

All around glamour. When going with a gold theme, that doesn’t mean that every other aspect of the palette has to pale in comparison. This adventurous design introduces jade green stonework, dominating pink elements, and a dazzling crystal chandelier into the mix.

Via: Mynor & Associates  

Consider reflections. When working with metallics, it’s also necessary to consider what will be reflected in the finish. This gold kitchen island beautifully reflects a chevron floor treatment, which makes the floor expanse appear even larger. On the flip side, it would be undesirable to double up the presence of a trash can or flaw in the floor, so use reflective finishes wisely.

Designer: Reform  

The ultimate glow up. Orange walls combined with gold kitchen cabinets make a warm meld that seems to glow.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Champagne curves. This curvaceous kitchen island base looks just too tempting to touch under its cool champagne finish. Champagne gold trims frame out fashionable racetrack motifs across the base cabinets behind.

Visualizer:  Home D  

Create tonal interest inside a white kitchen with a deep gold island accent. Expand upon the theme with a gold kitchen faucet and coordinating accessories.

Designer: Studio Richard Lindvall  

Give a soulless modern home some character with an antiqued gold and grey kitchen.

Via: Kuhnov  

Sage green and gold dream. There’s something so dreamy about the combination of gold and green hues. Add black accent pieces to anchor the look in the modern arena.

Designer: Alena Gorskaya  

The splendour of the art deco spirit. Gold trims work wonders within an art deco inspired kitchen design. See more inspiration for art deco style interiors here.

Visualizer: Studio DEnew  

Bestow your kitchen with a golden crown, or at least a golden ceiling treatment.

Designer: Les Filles d’Intérieur  
Visualizer: Studiocréatif  

This green and gold beauty ups the saturation with a much brighter shade of cabinet.

Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk  

Create glamour with a bespoke golden motif, like this chic cabinet trim that accommodates the slope of the staircase that climbs above.

Source: Miele Kitchens  

A gold kitchen island provides an opportunity to brighten a dark grey and black kitchen with a special touch.

Source: Such Designs  

Another grey and black kitchen with a gold kitchen island but this time with an added row of gold floating base units to add to the luxurious lustre of the space.

Visualizer: Orangegraphics Creative Studio  

Emerald green and gold accents provide jewellery for a predominantly white gloss and marble ensemble.

Designer: Spandri Wiedemann  

Small additions add up to a lot. Razor-thin gold worktops, a gold shelf nook, faucet, and matching pendant lights combine to create a dazzling result.

Visualizer: Wam House  

Dripping with gold. This unique kitchen design is fashioned with a multi-level worktop that seems to overspill the sides of the kitchen island in molten drops of liquid gold.

Visualizer: Huseyn Yolchuyev  

A touch of the traditional. Make classical details pop with well-placed gilding.

Visualizer: Who Cares?! Design  

The future is golden. Gold has been used throughout the centuries to impress and the future looks to be no different. Make a futuristic kitchen design shine with a cutting edge gold finish.

Visualizer: Nimbus Art  

Latte with a shot of espresso and gold shavings to go, please

Designer: Zimenko  
Visualizer: Vlad Yuhimchuk  

Freestanding furniture offers the opportunity for a temporary infusion of gold into your room. See more of this home here.

Visualizer: Olha Karakulia  

Gold with a pop of plum and a marble melt of complementary colour.

Visualizer: Natalia Pogorielova  

Turn up the heat with a red and gold paring, earthed with interludes of natural wood tone.

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2. Gold Farmhouse Sink
3. Golden Salt & Pepper Shakers
4. Gold Accent Cabinet Handles
5. Gold Knife Set With Sharpener
6. Gold Kitchen Light Fixtures
7. Gold Kitchen Stools
8. Gold Accent Mixer
9. Gold Kitchen Cannisters
10. Gold Kitchen Trash Can
11. Golden Flatware
12. Golden Measuring Cups & Spoons

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