51 Bathroom Faucets to Complete Your Dream Sink Update

Even the most utilitarian fixtures have the potential to shine as artistic decor elements – and these beautiful bathroom faucets prove it. We’ve scoured the web to collect our favorite bathroom faucet designs in a wide range of styles, from traditional faucets that feature truly timeless design to creative modern faucets that will turn heads with their sculptural appeal. No matter which style you’re interested in pursuing, we’ve collected selections in a wide variety of finishes to suit any bathroom decor theme. Find that perfect piece to cap off your renovation with the buying guide below.

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Modern Matte Black Bathroom Faucet: For those completing an ultra-modern or ultra-minimalist bathroom decor renovation, a traditional faucet simply will not do – but a sculptural piece like this one absolutely will. Choose from matte black, brushed nickel, and chrome finishes to suit your theme.

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Arched Black Bathroom Faucet: Waterfall faucets are a go-to selection for those who want to make a bold visual statement. This design features a wide arched shape that draws added attention to the smoothness of the water flow. Each set includes matching knobs and a matching drain. Choose from three finish options.

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Wall-Mounted Black Waterfall Faucet: This gorgeous waterfall faucet features a flat, streamlined appearance well-suited to minimalist bathroom themes. The faucet can be displayed as-is for its sleek simplicity, or it can be used as a convenient shelf to keep your bathroom vanity clean and clutter-free. This set is available in black or gold.

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Matte Black Minimalistic Bathroom Faucet: A geometric, barebones shape makes this bathroom faucet both minimalistic and intriguingly sculptural. The faucet itself is made from solid brass for excellent resistance against corrosion, the exterior finished in matte black for sleek modern appeal.

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Black Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet: Wall-mounted faucets offer a range of distinct advantages. First, the visual impact is incredible. Second, moving the faucet to the wall makes more space for the basin so that you can enjoy a larger sink or a more compact vanity. This minimalistic set is available in black or brushed gold.

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Modern Minimalist Pfister Bathroom Faucet: This attractive design by Pfister offers a seamless combination of modern silhouettes and traditional functionality. The widespread design makes this style well-balanced to accommodate larger sinks but requires three cutouts in your vanity.


Matte Black Abstract Bathroom Faucet: Looking to make an artistic statement? This creative bathroom faucet features an abstract shape that twirls in one continuous line from the spout to the handle. The spout swivels for directional flexibility – convenient for multipurpose sink setups.


Twisted Black Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet: Elegantly twisted, this creative bathroom faucet makes a sculptural impression balanced with tasteful minimalism. This piece is available in black or gold to suit a wide variety of decor styles. The handle is especially user-friendly, able to be easily operated one-handed.

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Black Bathroom Faucet with Sprayer: Does your bathroom sink serve double duty as a pet bathtub, a hair dyeing station, or as a washbasin for delicate laundry? This faucet is sure to make your tasks a little easier with its pull-out sprayer functionality. Rinse, fill, and spray with ease.

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Matte Black Touchless Bathroom Faucet: Touchless bathroom faucets are convenient and extra-sanitary, all while providing better accessibility for younger family members and people who have limited range of movement. This faucet features an on-trend minimalistic aesthetic for an updated take on a function-forward design.

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Waterfall Matte Black Bathroom Faucet: Need a faucet to accommodate a vessel sink? You can mount a faucet to the wall or opt for a taller faucet that can reach neatly over the lip of your sink, like this one. This waterfall faucet measures at just over 9 inches in height from the base to the bottom of the spout.


Black Bronze Bathroom Faucet: Low-profile construction means that this waterfall faucet won’t compete with a decorative vanity mirror for attention. This is a widespread design with ornate handles and a minimalistic spout, a bridge between eras to flatter dramatic bathroom decor themes.


Bronze Centerset Bathroom Faucet: Oil-rubbed bronze is a finish that feels both current and classic, ideal for an especially wide range of bathroom styles. This faucet features handle-style knobs and a smooth arching spout, all packaged in a compact centerset format well-suited to smaller sinks.

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Bronze Farmhouse Bathroom Faucet: Vintage-style knobs give this faucet set a playful retro aesthetic, ideal for bathroom themes like farmhouse and urban industrial. This set is finished in oil-rubbed bronze, crafted in a widespread format for flexible placement options.

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Industrial Wall-Mounted Bathroom Faucet: Bold industrial styling ensures this faucet will make a statement without sacrificing the appeal of smooth minimalistic simplicity. This piece is available in a weathered oil-rubbed bronze and a luminescent brushed gold finish.

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Antique Brass Basin Bathroom Faucet: Elaborate detailing ensures that this bathroom faucet will capture attention as a work of art. This piece mounts to the vanity to fill a vessel-style sink, the knob fashioned like a lever toward the base. Oil-rubbed bronze finishing completes the antique aesthetic.


Dragon Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet: Shaped like an elegant dragon, this faucet would make a fitting addition to an eastern-inspired, mid-century modern, or traditional bathroom decor theme. Choose from antiqued brass, polished chrome, or oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

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Wall-Mount Rustic Moen Bathroom Faucet: For a warmer take on oil-rubbed bronze finishes, this delightfully weathered design is sure to satisfy. This chic faucet from Moen offers an antique look to suit contemporary and classic interior themes alike. Widespread, wall-mounted design ensures compatibility with almost any sink.


Minimal Black and Gold Bathroom Faucet: Matte black finishes meet polished brass to create attractive contrast that balances modernity with high-end appeal. A handle-shaped knob allows for easy one-handed operation. This piece is also available in chrome.


Modern Black and Gold Bathroom Faucet: This matte black and gold faucet is nicely aerated to maximize flow while minimizing splash, the lever-style handle allowing for easy one-handed operation (provided the user is right-handed). This piece is also available in chrome, flat black, and white.

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Delta Trinsic Bathroom Faucet: Delta Trinsic is a favorite selection among homebuilders and decorators alike, a budget-friendly pick with dependable Delta quality. Choose from five attractive finish options to flatter every bathroom in the home. Install with or without the included base plate.

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Modern Champagne Bronze Bathroom Faucet: This gorgeous faucet design features an elegant high arc and a wide spout that provides the sophistication of a waterfall faucet with the water conservation of an aerated faucet. The lever-style handles are ADA-certified.

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Wall-Mounted Brass Bathroom Faucet: Extending 8 inches from the wall, this beautiful facet set can accommodate a wide variety of sink positions for flexible bathroom design possibilities. Choose from gold, white, or antique finish options. Each faucet includes all required hoses and accessories.

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Brushed Gold Kohler Bathroom Faucet: Kohler’s Purist series ensures exceptional dependability, straightforward installation, and world-class performance. This high arched design is ideal for filling and rinsing with plenty of room to spare. Choose from six sophisticated finish options.

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Moen Motionsense Automatic Bathroom Faucet: Moen’s touchless bathroom faucet makes it easy to activate the water with a single wave so that you can wash your hands without getting the faucet or handle dirty. This faucet is powered by six AA batteries can be hardwired if desired. Choose from four finishes.


Unique Matte Gold Bathroom Sink Faucet: A discreet aerator gives this sculptural faucet a waterfall aesthetic while still maintaining excellent water efficiency. Choose from four finish colorways to best suit your interior theme. A lever-style knob allows for easy one-handed operation.

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Push-Button Gold Bathroom Faucet: Press-button operation makes this faucet easy to set and forget – simply twist the knob to set your preferred water temperature, then press the button to activate. This vessel faucet design is available in black and rose gold, brushed gold, chrome, and a silky gunmetal grey. For this piece, be prepared for long shipping times.

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Curved Delta Bathroom Faucet: At first glance, this faucet set may appear to keep things simple with a conventional silhouette – but a closer look reveals its sophisticated geometric angles that effortlessly capture the light. This premium quality Delta design is available in six finishes.


Gold-Finished Waterfall Bathroom Faucet: Open-topped waterfall faucets are especially eye-catching, showcasing the flow of water as it bubbles down the spout. This attractive design is available in four sophisticated finish options, two sizes, and with optional LED illumination functionality.


Modern Brushed Gold Bathroom Faucet: A sweeping, dramatic arch makes this sleek bathroom faucet a sculptural statement piece worth admiring. Choose from five finish options, each one equipped with a convenient lever handle for one-handed operation. Each faucet includes a matching drain component.

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Kingston Brass Bridged Bathroom Faucet: While most faucet configurations hide the important joining components beneath the sink, bridge faucets bring them into the daylight to serve as a beautiful decorative element. This gorgeous solid brass faucet features classic details for a timeless look, perfect for traditional and farmhouse decor themes.

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Swan-Shaped 3 Hole Bathroom Faucet: Enjoy an elegant work of art every time you enter the room with this graceful swan-shaped bathroom faucet. Choose from five finish options and two handle options – the beautiful crystal handles pictured here, or matching handles shaped like swans.


Bamboo Brushed Brass Bathroom Faucet: Lend a natural touch to your bathroom with this gorgeous faucet shaped like a shoot of bamboo. This piece is made from solid brass in an antique brushed finish, silky smooth and easy to coordinate with a wide variety of themes.


Ceramic and Brass Bathroom Faucet: Beautiful ceramic details give this brass bathroom faucet a touch of classic appeal, a work of art that feels like a farmhouse heirloom. Choose from two heights to best fit your basin bathroom sink configuration.


Decorative Swivel Spout Bathroom Faucet: Ornate detailing brings artful elegance to this antique-inspired bathroom faucet. The tall spout provides exceptional clearance beneath, the top able to swivel for even greater flexibility. Antique finishes bring added dimension to every detail.

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Rose Gold Basin Bathroom Faucet: Looking for something to stand out in a category defined by golds, brasses, nickels, and chrome? This beautiful waterfall faucet is finished in on-trend rose gold to flatter the most modern bathroom decor themes. Use with a basin-style sink.


Glass Waterfall Bathroom Faucet: A bold round silhouette makes this waterfall faucet especially eye-catching, the spout made from creative smoky glass. This piece is available in five combinations of glass colors and metal finishes.


Glass and Nickel Bathroom Faucet: This enclosed waterfall faucet features a transparent glass spout and a one-handed handle. This set is available in brushed nickel with transparent glass, matte black with smoked glass, and polished chrome with transparent glass.

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Color-Changing LED Bathroom Faucet: Temperature-sensitive LED lights give this creative bathroom faucet a dynamic appearance, a futuristic selection for ultra-modern interior decor themes. Because the LED is powered by the movement of the water, this faucet design doesn’t require any power source.

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Chrome LED Bathroom Faucet: Built-in LEDs make this faucet especially eye-catching within modern interior decor themes. This faucet features a widespread format, including a waterfall faucet and two geometric knobs. Polished chrome finishes ensure easy coordination.


Minimalist Waterfall Bathroom Faucet: Color-changing LEDs indicate the temperature of the water while providing a touch of modern style. This unique waterfall faucet is available in four colorways, each one with a low-profile widespread format for flexible placement possibilities.

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Waterfall Widespread Bathroom Faucet: Chrome is a finish that coordinates so easily with contemporary bathroom themes, always a bright addition. For a subtler look, this waterfall faucet is also available in a brushed nickel option with a little less shine.

$150BUY IT

Minimalist Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet: Ultra-simple and refined, this handsome bathroom faucet is ideal for utilitarian modern themes and chic industrial themes. The handle is easy to access and operate with one hand.

$160BUY IT

Polished Chrome Hansgrohe Bathroom Faucet: Hansgrohe’s minimalistic Talis bathroom faucet keeps things simple and chic for easy coordination with any sink setup. The single-hole design makes placement a breeze, the slanted design allowing for excellent positioning over the basin of the sink.


Sculptural Single Handle Bathroom Faucet: Ultra smooth lines make this bathroom faucet an especially eye-catching selection, sophisticated without overwhelming its surrounding decor. Choose between chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black finish options.

$111BUY IT

Wall-Mounted Chrome Bathroom Faucet: Self-contained with a knob and faucet situated on a handsome backplate, this wall-mounted bathroom faucet provides a tidy appearance suited for the most minimalistic decor themes. The fixture is finished in polished chrome for a radiant appearance.

$214BUY IT

Polished Chrome Vessel Bathroom Faucet: Measuring at over 8 inches tall, this attractive faucet is sized to accommodate shallow vessel sinks. Chrome finishing, single-hole mounting, and single-handle operation makes this piece especially flexible. Use to complement modern and traditional bathrooms alike.

$146BUY IT

Wide Chrome Waterfall Bathroom Faucet: This ultra-wide waterfall faucet is sure to give any bathroom a refreshing spa-like feel. This piece features widespread construction to suit wider sinks, the chrome finish allowing for easy coordination.

$229BUY IT

White and Chrome Bathroom Faucet: White bathroom faucets are difficult to find – but nothing else will do for those seeking a minimalistic all-white bathroom theme. This widespread set is finished with polished chrome details to easily match other bathroom fixtures.


Chrome and White Bathroom Faucet: Simple, chic, and uncomplicated. This white bathroom faucet features a single-hole design with a large one-handed knob, easy to operate and easy to integrate with modern bathroom themes. Use to keep your sink composition looking bright.

$129BUY IT

Minimalist White Waterfall Bathroom Faucet: Flat white finishes and ultra-clean lines make this the perfect bathroom faucet for themes that emphasize pure modern minimalism. Beneath the finish, solid brass construction ensures a lifetime of dependable performance.

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