40 Large Dining Rooms That Will Impress Dinner Guests

For people who love to entertain family and friends at home, a large dining room constructs a perfect stage. Whilst a well-proportioned stage leaves plenty of room to seat multiple guests, it can present extra challenges when it comes to choosing appropriate decor and complementary dining furniture. In this collection of 40 large dining rooms, we’ve curated a wealth of inspiration that covers numerous dining room aesthetics and personal tastes. We’ll look at art for the dining room, decorative wall mirrors, shelving units, stylish buffets, dining room chandeliers and pendant lights, wall lamps, wall paneling ideas, dining room rugs, flooring, and much more.

Visualizer: Ahmed Tarek  

Build artistic borders. These two wood-paneled inserts make a modern statement at either end of a neoclassical decor scheme. Classical busts are given a quirky update to complete the statement.

Visualizer: ZOOI Interior studio  

Create a focal ceiling. Where walls are bare and furniture is minimal, push the boat out with an eye-catching paneled ceiling treatment and a showstopping installation of pendant lights.

Designer: Jacobsen Arquitetura  

This naturally beautiful wood-clad ceiling treatment complements the home’s lush green surroundings.

Visualizer: Hassan Tork  

Make your dining room lighting a mesmerizing spectacle by day or night with multiple, light-reflective glass globe pendants.

Visualizer: Lawasha Studio  

Give a large dining room an outdoor feel with a huge skylight, exposed brickwork walls, and cane dining chairs.

Designer: M_Fares  
Photographer: Nour El Refai  

Go all in with granite. This granite tiled wall features a fluted texture around its lower two-thirds to sculpt extra interest.

Visualizer: Frame Visual  

Balance your room with a symmetrical layout. This wooden dining table draws the eye to land exactly at the center of a 5-unit kitchen run and diptych wall art. The orientation of the rectangular wooden table top, echoed by neat wooden slats across the ceiling, visually elongates the room.

Visualizer: Mohamed Barmaky  

Increase texture in the room. These diamond-tufted upholstered dining chairs are complemented by geometric detailing in a wall of decorative wood grain panels. A chandelier creates sparkling texture with tiny glass droplets, while an indoor plant feathers the corner of the room.

Visualizer: Ibrahem Abdelrazk  

Alternate chair colors. Assorted dining chair colors aren’t reserved for laid-back, eclectic interiors. A collection of contrasting chair colors works well in formal dining spaces to break up a particularly long line of furniture.

Visualizer: Ngurah Arya  

You always need more windows. A wide view of the garden is fabulous, a wraparound view is even better.

Visualizer: Soha Khaled  

Layer upon layer of luxury. Sublime chairs and a stunning dining table deserve an equally impressive backdrop. Apply a wall of decorative mirrors, luxe marble accents, classic panel molding, and elegant wall lights to fashion a fully sumptuous affair.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

Smooth, sophisticated, and splendid, black marble sets a striking scene.

Visualizer: Ego House Architects  

Twin dining room pendants look twice as nice.

Designer: Jorge Pardo  

Grand in scale and gorgeous in color, a bright dining room design like this is sure to get guests talking.

Visualizer: Atmos Visuals  

Alternatively, pick one overarching color theme and run with it.

Visualizer: iMax Studio  

Beige and blue dining rooms have a look of softness and serenity. Use color-block paint techniques and mix-and-match dining chairs to form unexpected moments.

Designer: Ulysses De Santi & Graham Steele  
Via: AD  

Curate a cubist design with abstract wall art and succinct furniture silhouettes.

Visualizer: Asmaa Harb  

Please dinner guests with an evenly illuminated table. Go for an elongated sputnik chandelier like this one, or pair to accommodate a much longer room.

Visualizer: Naresh Mistry  

Team a glamorous dining room chandelier with an equally special wall mirror to make a decor dream team.

Designer: Studio Lotus  

If you want your guests to truly connect, make space around your dining set. An airy, easy-breezy layout with natural materials will instantly put everyone at ease. Make a no-phone rule at the table and people may just remember the art of uninterrupted conversation.

Visualizer: Sarah Habib  

Paint a teal dream. Include walls, crown molding, baseboards, and the ceiling within a solid teal paint scheme, washed over beautiful boiserie.

Designer: Mohamed Terko  
Visualizer: Yasmeen Wassim  

Invite a classical statue to be your guest of honor around the dinner table. Don’t forget to give her the spotlight.

Visualizer: Hany Saad Innovations  

Dramatically complement a black dining table with masterful high-backed, black dining chairs and an imposing black feature wall.

Designer: Lisa Perry  

A clean white dining room decor scheme can be energized with colorful, artistic interruptions. Warm up the area around the white dining table with rattan chair accents.

Designer: RARARA  

Build industrial dining room vibes with a raw brickwork interior. Match stark black-framed windows with modern black dining chairs, and add a pop of warmth with bright art.

Visualizer: Olha Karaliash  

Craft a sculptural scene with unique, handcrafted dining room pendant lights.

Visualizer: Ahmed Tarek  

Often, all focus goes on the central light fixture in a dining room. However, wall lights are useful in creating the right ambiance.

Via: Dwell  

Use a large, round dining table to pull everyone into the conversation. Long, rectangular tables lead to separate pockets of conversation from one end to the other.

Visualizer: Yurii Chaikovskyi & Nina Semenkova  

A neoclassical dining room with a high ceiling requires elements that draw the eye up. Choose art with vertical subjects, and pendants with deeper shades.

Designer: SISSY + MARLEY NYC  

Give a large, formal dining room a relaxed air with simple wooden chairs and understated accessories.

Visualizer: Mai Anh Nguyen  

A circle chandelier isn’t reserved for round tables, use one to create a heavenly halo over a rectangle table too. The counteracting shapes will avoid visual monotony.

Visualizer: Alaa Magdy  

Use a parade of arched mirrors to reflect and double your elegant dining room design.

Visualizer: Olga Kondratiuk  

Mold an ethereal dining room decor scheme with a translucent white chandelier and lightweight, flowing drapes.

Visualizer: Vinicius Milanese  

Construct a visual anchor for your dining space by installing a tower of display shelves. Decorate with colorful ceramics and elegant vases.

Source: MDF Italia  

A fireplace always sets a cozy scene. If guests are warm and comfortable, wine and good conversation carry on way into the night.

Visualizer: Rosendo Maximiliano Mesillas Alvarado  

Well-placed pattern enriches and elevates a modern dining room layout.

Visualizer: Javier Guevara  

Fall in love with a light and laconic setting.

Visualizer: Lucas Schaefer  

Perimeter lights make a moody scene.

Visualizer: Mohamed Waleed  

Complement globe dining room chandeliers with rounded dining chair designs.

Visualizer: NoTriangle Studio  

Simplify your dining room elements to let a panoramic view do all the talking.

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