40 Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

The dining room is more than just a space for eating, it’s where we spend quality time with friends and family, sharing laughter and celebrations. Dining room wall decor sets the backdrop for creating memories. Make your space a reflection of your personality or focus on a specific mood that you’d like to feel in that space. Whether you have a luxurious home with a double-height dining room or a cozy apartment with a small dining nook, there’s a world of possibilities to choose from. Find inspiration in the 40 dining room wall decor ideas we showcase in this article, including statement murals, mirrors, gallery walls, color-blocking, wall molding, and more.

Visualizer: Sergey Krasyuk  

Pull in all the beauty of botanics with a nature-inspired mural. This fabulous wall mural example combines shades of green with a vibrant splash of coral to construct a show-stopping event.

Designer: CBD Architects  

You don’t need to pull out your paint pots or wallpaper paste to construct a gorgeous dining room feature wall if you’re a green-fingered homeowner. Plant a vertical garden in your dining space or just outside of your dining room’s patio doors to enjoy a revitalizing scene.

Visualizer: Lanre Alao  

If a vertical garden would feel overwhelming in your small dining space, how about a compact built-in planter wall?

Visualizer: Comelite Arch  

Nothing says lavish like a metallic gold feature wall. The textured gold wall treatment applied in this luxury home climbs two stories to build an imposing, light-reflective focal point. See more inspiration for gold accents in interior design.

Visualizer: Noha Ayad  

This gold dining room feature wall is teamed with a reflective black ceiling to give the impression of a double-height void.

Visualizer: Noha Desoukey  

Glossy black edging sharpens a champagne gold decor scheme. A black-framed mirror makes a contrasting overlay.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Incorporate arches into your dining decor scheme to construct a touch of elegance. The arch motif can come in the form of feature doorways, mirrors, or curvaceous lighting.

Designer: 2LG Studio  

Add unique style to an existing doorway by painting an extraordinary frame. “Lipstick” for doors has become a signature of 2LG Studio.

Visualizer: Radwa Khaled  

Carve out a shapely mural on an arched canvas. It’s a great way to add definition to a neutral decor scheme of beige and brown.

Visualizer: Trang Chuột  

A painted, color-blocked arch is a quick, easy, and cost-effective approach.

Visualizer: Alena Starostina  

Bring passion to your dining room decor scheme with a stirring art piece. The perfect setting for romantic dinners.

Visualizer: Aliross Design  

Install floor-to-ceiling shelves to build a feature wall that includes useful storage. An ideal place to store daily serveware, occasional hostessware, drinking glasses, and carafes.

Designer: Stiff + Trevillion  

Alternatively, stack bookshelves to the rafters to construct a cozy coffee shop feel.

Photographer: Joey Studio  

Wood cladding assembles a warm cocoon of rich tone and texture.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Sculp floating alcoves and paint them a contrasting color to your dining room walls. A darker color adds depth to shallow recesses.

Visualizer: Darya Asadchaya  

A ribbon of horizontal color blocking creates a cohesive dining room scheme.

Visualizer: Lanre Alao  

Wainscotting at chair height offers a classic look for a color-blocked border.

Photographer: Andrew Semenov  

Paint a vertical stripe of color to visually anchor a small open-plan dining area. Hang a clock at the top to show when dinner time rolls around.

Visualizer: Mai Anh Nguyen  

Station a pegboard wall beside your dining set. It’s a versatile decor element that opens up possibilities for repositionable shelving, hanging plants, and seasonal accessories.

Visualizer: Annamária Dékány  

If natural light is lacking inside your dining room, hang a full length mirror to reflect and double the incoming light. It will also double the sense of space.

Visualizer: Ahmed Essam  

Assemble a layered look. In this home, classic panel molding is overlaid with modern metal arches to create depth and stacks of visual interest.

Visualizer: Yulia Kalemi  

Make a commanding dining room wall with rich dark chocolate cladding. Add a huge horizontal mirror to brightly reflect your dining room chandelier.

Visualizer: Naresh Mistry  

A travertine focal wall brings luxurious natural texture to any room. Complement this luxe addition with a gold decorative mirror.

Visualizer: Angelo Ochoa Mejia  

Fashion an exquisite neoclassical dining room decor scheme with intricate boiserie and crisp white paintwork.

Visualizer: Abijith M  

Add a twist of color to a deeply decorative boiserie with a tint of gray. Incorporate a large mirror into the paneling to elevate the look.

Visualizer: iMax Studio  

This beige boiserie wall treatment is given a modern twist with an unexpected square of blue color blocking.

Designer: Luis Gomez-Siu Design Studio  

Install shiplap in an oblique application to create a geometric backdrop. This looks particularly effective in rooms with sloping ceilings.

Visualizer: Yulya Tsimasharava  

Combine earthy brown stucco with freehand black lines to create an artistic scene.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Reznichenko  

3D wall decor and unique wall lights make a sculptural statement.

Designer: Mel  

Assemble a basket wall to style a boho dining room.

Source: Instabul  

Exposed brickwork suits industrial-style and farmhouse dining rooms.

Visualizer: OFFICE4 Architects  

Whitewashed stonework walls are both rustic and fresh.

Visualizer: Xuan Uyen  

A tiled background is both aesthetic and easy to clean down. A truly practical option for life with kids!

Visualizer: 森林空间  

A large marble slab applies instant texture, color, and luxe.

Visualizer: Alive Design  

Fluted gypsum panels appear different throughout the day as the influx of natural light changes direction and intensity.

Designer: Specht Architects  

Red, blue, and yellow cubist accents create a Mondrian-inspired dining room wall.

Visualizer: Product Wish Design  

Accentuate a floating wall shelf and a collection of unusual vases with an LED light strip.

Visualizer: Brooklinteriors  

Suspend handmade art from a bamboo cane to assemble a relaxed look.

Visualizer: Moor Arch  
Via: Luxe Interiors + Design  

Use an assortment of different picture frames to curate an eclectic gallery wall.

Visualizer: Andyrahman Architect  

Reclaimed doors and shutters construct a cool dining room feature wall. Create cohesivity by refinishing your finds in just two or three colorways.

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