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Deqing Living House / Lacime Architects

November 30, 2019 Collin Chen 0

Project location
Located within National 4A Scenic Spot-Taishan Forest Park, southeast of Deqing County, the project enjoys great natural landscape and excellent geographic location. It is surrounded on three sides by green mountains and dense woods and hidden in nature yet with easy access to the outside world.

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Iris Tower / Terra Integral

November 30, 2019 Pilar Caballero 0

The Project is located in Vía Cordillera, a new growth district, and it consist of two parallel buildings for mixed buildings. There are 65 apartments distributed in six levels, commerce in the ground floor, and three underground parking lots. 

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SeibmacA Xi’an Dahua Store / Shangzhai Liangying Design

November 30, 2019 舒岳康 - SHU Yuekang 0

The project is located in Xi’an Dahua 1935 Industrial Park. The shopping mall was transformed from the original Changan Dahua Textile Factory. It inherits the precious modern industrial civilization and integrates the comprehensive functions of modern social cities. It is positioned to cover the Dahua Museum. Small theater clusters, cultural and art centers, boutique hotels, specialty restaurants, shopping districts, and other cultural commercial malls with multiple functions, diverse cultures, and diverse consumption.

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Bathhouse spa with sensory deprivation tank opens in old Williamsburg soda factory

November 30, 2019 Paul Jebara 0

A 1930s soda factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has been transformed into bathhouse with a subterranean spa influenced by Scandinavian saunas, Russian banyas and Turkish hammams. Founders Jason Goodman and Travis Talmadge collaborated with Manhattan firm Verona Carpenter Architects to reinvigorate the space to be a unique venue for social bathing called Bathhouse. The 600-square-metre underground

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Nasu Tepee / Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

November 30, 2019 Daniel Sánchez 0

The site is located in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture, a well-known summer resort. Passing through fields and woodlands, the site lies along the forest path in a grove of mixed trees. Our client is a married couple that enjoys organic farming on the weekends, and their wish was to reserve as much of the environment as possible and to live in the surrounding woods. We avoided large-scale construction and a majority of felling to build the rooms on the few remaining flat surfaces of the sloping ground, as if sewing them together.

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rever & drage architects completes ‘1/3 house’ in norway

November 30, 2019 macnadusa 0

rever & drage architects has designed a detached house for a young couple in sunndal, norway who wanted a small, affordable home. as the couple envisioned that their family would grow, they therefore wanted a building that could be expanded over time. the man wanted a romantic and cozy building, while his wife, a deer […]

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Circular rooflight illuminates meditation room in Mexican beach house

November 30, 2019 James Brillon 0
Lyons Garden by Colectivo Lateral de Arquitectura

A serene meditation room overlooking the Pacific Ocean is lit by a large round skylight in this seaside retreat designed by Mexico City studio Colectivo Lateral de Arquitectura. The project is located in Playa Blanca, in the Mexican beach town Zihuatanejo. Perched above the Pacific, the area has long been a popular vacation destination, due

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Antivilla / Brandlhuber+Emde, Burlon

November 30, 2019 Cristian Aguilar 0

Antivilla, the refurbished former German Democratic Republic lingerie factory „Ernst Lück“ at the Krampnitzsee, southwest of Berlin, questions the relationship between building regulations and standards, energy efficiency together with the idea re-use and adaptive living.