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Van Eyck’s Brothers Altarpiece Renovation / Bressers Architecten

January 1, 2022 Andreas Luco 0

In October 2012, the restoration campaign of the Ghent Altarpiece which involved the re-exposure of the original layers of paint by the Van Eyck Brothers commenced. The first two phases of the project were completed in spring 2020. The last phase, the upper register of the inner panels, will follow between 2022 and 2025. The Ghent Altarpiece has been installed in the Villa Chapel since the 1980s. From a religious and cultural-tourist point of view, the commissioners decided to provide a new location for the Altarpiece.

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1330 House / Mohammad Kanisavaran

October 21, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

The 1330 House in the Kurdish city of Mahabad started from a 70 years old house and has an area of approximately 270 square meters. This house had a residential use before and has a different history in its background. Part of the old building was built 70 years ago, but during the reconstruction process, clues have been found that show the adobe bricks in some walls date back to more than 100 years. Over the past seven decades, due to changing lifestyles, owners have removed or added some parts of the building to meet their needs.

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Vijzelgracht House / Benthem Crouwel Architects

October 18, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

Vijzelgracht House is a national heritage site designed by Philips Vingboons in about 1670 as a weaver’s house. It is one of roughly eighty weaver’s houses that have survived. The restoration and renovation preserved the original layout and revealed as much of the original material as possible. Later additions were removed and partly rebuilt to a higher standard within the same volume.

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The Weaver Loft / Ravagh Atelier

September 30, 2021 Pilar Caballero 0

This was a project to transform a Qajar-era textile factory into an enticing residential house. Like many other historic building renovation projects, a key challenge was preserving the spirit and the original fabric of the building while injecting a contemporary feel to it.

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Ruesta Urban Center Rehabilitation  / Sebastián Arquitectos

September 28, 2021 Valeria Silva 0

In the earliest 1960s, the inhabitants of the municipalities of Ruesta, Esco, and Tiermas had to abandon their houses, due to the construction of the Yesa reservoir. This special land, so close and so far, in turn, suffered a sudden depopulation that would cause a decline not only social but also patrimonial. Curiously, Ruesta, an almost unknown village, has really an important heritage, not only compound by buildings and landscapes, or the memories of the famous Spanish film “la Vaquilla”, shot in 1985 in its streets and in Sos del Rey Católico but more importantly, its crossed by the French line of the Camino de Santiago, an example of cultural richness and interchange.

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Dalan Jahan Boutique Hotel / Polsheer Architects

September 24, 2021 Hana Abdel 0

The special location of this project in the oldest roofed alley of Isfahan and next to Naghsh Jahan Square has created special conditions for this building. The building, which was going through a period of decline, was identified by our consultant after about 10 years of being abandoned, and after receiving the participation of several friends of heritage, it has been revived today and it is one of the most attractive places in the south of Naghsh-e-Jahan Square.