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South Yarra House / Pop Architecture + Beatrix Rowe Interior Design

The core idea for the renovation of this dark and run-down Edwardian house was to maximise natural light.  The Client’s brief stipulated an efficient floorplan over a single level which prioritised ‘light and flow throughout’, ‘respect for the Edwardian features’ as well a preference for ‘curved edges’ and ‘real materials’.  The interrogation of this brief led to a strong passive design philosophy and further exploration of the core idea via strategically placed glazing and the effect of light on curved forms and carefully selected materials.  

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NaMora House / Filipe Pina + David Bilo

June 9, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

Situated in a natural shelter of a valley at the foot of the Serra da Estrela, close to the parish of Gonçalo, in a place also known locally by the name of Mora, this agricultural property has approximately 18ha of area, and is surrounded by a dense pine tree forest. 

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Green House / Circle Studio Architects

May 15, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

This project was an extension to an existing weatherboard house in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Whilst the site was a considerable size, the client was after a modest solution that retained the large backyard and provided a warm private sanctuary to relax, unwind, and have a glass of wine.

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Leipzig Justice Center / kister scheithauer gross architekten und stadtplaner

April 21, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

The Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement (SIB) planned a new justice center in Leipzig. As a first building section, the administration of justice was to be accommodated next to the already existing district court. kister scheithauer gross architekten und stadtplaner were awarded the contract. The project included not only the conversion and restoration of the listed buildings but also a linking new building on the site of the former prison. This created a total of 8,800 m² of usable space for the public prosecutor’s office. In one part of the building, a memorial was to be set up with reference to the former execution site of the GDR.

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Outside Inside Pavilion / Tohmestudio

April 20, 2022 Andreas Luco 0

<A grid has no beginning, center, or end, the grid speaks through its logic of an infinite extension in any direction, generating a capacity to give continuity to what has been built, acting as a structure capable of organizing both small and autonomous elements as well as large sets>. Through this excerpt from the thesis: SUPRA ORDEN, / GRID COMO ELEMENTAL SUPPORT by Iñaki Harostegui, the work OUTSIDE-INSIDE is argued mainly through this strategy, which responds to some of the current themes of contemporary architecture such as the indeterminacy of the inner and outer limits.