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Powerhouse Company Reveals Designs for Netherlands’ First Mass Timber University

January 20, 2022 Andreea Cutieru 0

Powerhouse Company revealed its design for the new Tilburg University Lecture Hall, which upon completion, will be the Netherlands’ first academic building made of cross-laminated timber. Set within a wooded landscape, the lecture hall is a nod to the 1960s grade-listed Modernist architecture of the campus, echoing its monastic atmosphere through the rhythm of the windows and the limestone façades.

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8 Stories of Architects Embracing Refurbishment and Adaptive Reuse

January 19, 2022 Andreea Cutieru 0

Over the past year, established practices have continued to champion the transformation of existing structures, with adaptive reuse and renovations increasingly becoming a defining aspect of contemporary architecture  From the renovation of landmark structures to the adaptive reuse of obsolete facilities, the idea of giving new life to existing buildings has been embraced as the premise for a more sustainable practice, but also as a means of reinforcing the urban and cultural identity of cities. Discover 8 designs and recently completed projects that showcase a new common practice of reusing existing building stock.

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MVRDV’s Sun Rock Project Is a Built Manifesto for Renewable Energy

January 18, 2022 Andreea Cutieru 0

MVRDV ‘s latest project designed for government-owned power company Taipower is “a tool for energy production”, communicating Taiwan’s goal of transitioning to green energy. The morphology of the project and its architectural image are entirely data-driven, the expression of the most efficient way of generating solar energy on the site. An operations facility comprising offices, a maintenance workshop, storage spaces, and a public gallery, the project is defined as a “built manifesto”, projecting the company’s aspirations for achieving a “carbon-free future”.

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An Architectural Language Shaped by Sustainability

January 14, 2022 Andreea Cutieru 0

With its quantifiable objectives and measurable performance, sustainability often passes as a technological challenge. Its primary language is that of data, equipment, and engineered systems, most often translated into a hyper-technologized layer hidden within a design upholding pre-existing aesthetic norms. As architecture is the image of society at one moment in time, how does the focus on sustainability translate into architectural language, further legitimatizing the efforts to establish an equitable relationship with the environment? Architecture serves as an expression of attitudes, and since sustainability has become a fundamental value, it is worth looking at whether or not it has produced an aesthetic transformation.

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MAXXI Museum Celebrates Female Architects Through “Good News. Women in Architecture” Exhibition

January 14, 2022 Andreea Cutieru 0

MAXXI Museum celebrates women in architecture in a new exhibition that documents the transformative role of female architects in the profession’s evolution over the last century. Curated by Pippo Ciorra, Elena Motisi, Elena Tinacci, and with exhibition design by Matilde Cassani, Good News. Women in Architecture weaves together in four thematic sections the history of women in architecture, with the work of contemporary practitioners and the voices of young collectives, telling the stories of over eighty female architects.

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BIG, Adjaye Associates, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Asif Khan Studio Are Among the Shortlisted Practices for Barbican Centre’s Refurbishment

January 13, 2022 Andreea Cutieru 0

The Barbican Centre is up for a substantial renovation, and the City of London Corporation revealed the five shortlisted teams for the refurbishment of the Brutalist icon, among which are practices like BIG, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Adjaye Associates or Asif Khan Studio. The cultural venue at the heart of the eponymous post-war housing estate in central London was the subject of an international competition aiming to preserve its heritage while upgrading the ageing structure to contemporary requirements and artistic aspirations.

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9 Newly Opened Museums Enriching the Arts and Culture Scene

January 12, 2022 Andreea Cutieru 0

Last year, a series of new museums, expansions and several museum renovations have opened their doors to the public, adding a new dimension to the cultural landscape around the world. From the long-awaited re-opening of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, to Ryue Nishizawa’s Jining Art Museum merging with the landscape, and MVRDV’s reflective Art Depot, discover the architecture of the latest venues of art and culture.

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7 Stories About NFTs Entering the Realm of Architecture

January 11, 2022 Andreea Cutieru 0

Over the past year, NFTs have entered the realm of architecture, prompting conversations over the role of the profession in the future digital economy. From the design of digital real-estate to exhibitions and architecture events exploring its value for the practice and established architecture firms embracing the new medium, NFTs have been embraced by the profession as the promise of a new form of creative production. Discover a round-up of architecture’s experiments with NFTs so far, together with a series of Archdaily articles shedding light on the topic.

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Ronald Lu & Partners’ Competition Winning Design Re-imagines the Workplace

January 10, 2022 Andreea Cutieru 0

Ronald Lu &Partners revealed their new workplace concept, “Treehouse”, an “eco-conscious integrated system” featuring biophilic elements, which capitalizes on wellness and aims to reconnect users with nature. The project is a response to contemporary workplace needs, as well as to current climate challenges, promoting carbon-positivity and net-zero operations through a blend of design, technology and smart management.

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Biodiversity in Urban Environments

January 7, 2022 Andreea Cutieru 0

Biodiversity has become ubiquitous in project descriptions as yet another mark of the design’s environmental accomplishments. The increasing focus on sustainability, the standard inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, prompts a deeper understanding of what biodiversity in urban environments means and how can architecture and urban design actively contribute to it. With species extinction rates soaring and urbanization over natural land continuing, cities become an essential factor in sustaining biodiversity, and the following explores how the built environment can foster multi-species habitats.