Trendy Floors Made from Epoxy

Are your drawings bloated for no obvious reason? When you insert a block, is there a long list of blocks that aren’t in the drawing? Ditto for layers?

Oversized drawings load more slowly, take up more storage space, and take longer to save.

Then you need the PURGE command!

Yes, you want slim drawings

Definitions [...]

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Trendy materials such as the epoxy is what is mostly asked on the market. The epoxy is an material which starts as a liquid and afterwards, it turns into solid and shiny. The epoxy is made from two components and its most important feature is that is is very durable and resistant. Besides the resistance, it looks absolutely amazing. If you decide to have an epoxy floor in your home, it will be a piece of art by itself. The possibilities are almost endless. You can choose the colour, the style and the shapes incorporated in the floor.Trendy Floors Made from Epoxy

Trendy Floors Made from Epoxy

See the mesmerizing floor on the pictures below.


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