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PaletteH Beauty Salon / studio fragment

July 28, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

“Palette H” is a beauty salon that individual designers use while sharing space. Each designer shares or occupies a limited space. We identified invisible boundaries, distances, and frequency of actions, and organized the space.

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CL Commercial Center / VAGA

July 16, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

For a plot of approximately 920 m2, located in the center of the quiet town of Cesário Lange, the design of a building consisting of flexible spaces, properly adapted to house small establishments of diversified uses, was requested, mainly for commercial and service activities. The complex is located on the opposite corner of “Galpões CL”, a project previously developed by VAGA for the same entrepreneur. The lot enjoys an open relationship with a wooded stream, associated with one of the main access roads to the city, where the population practices sports and leisure activities daily.

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Republic No. 1 / DCD DESIGN

July 7, 2022 Collin Chen 0

Located at the crossroads of the Qiaonan Roundabout of the Laocangshan, “Republic No. 1” connects Yantai Mountain, Fanchuanpu, and the Exhibition Center, being regarded as an essential part in the historical context of “Yantai Mountain – Fanchuanpu”.After undertaking the project, we conducted a field trip. Seeing the dilapidated original “Provincial Foreign Trade Warehouse”. While being full of enthusiasm, we have also been in awe of it. Therefore, when conceiving this project, respecting the past has been an essential context. On the basis of retaining the original eaves and appearance features, we reorganized the interior to create a place where time and space, function and connotation coexist, and contemporary and traditional are connected in an orderly manner.

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Spirit of Thai Architecture Clubhouse / Sansiri PCL

June 29, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

“Spirit of Thai architecture” is a clubhouse building of the Setthasiri’s Charan – PinKlao 2 Housing Estate. It’s a high luxury class segment product of Sansiri Public Company Limited, Thailand leading real estate company. Approximately 22 Rai with 222 houses. According to Sansiri, “Spirit of Thai architecture clubhouse” is designed to reflect its surrounding characteristics. Moreover, a wide range of ages is probably one of the most important aspects to provide eco-common space and well-being standards. Natural ventilation, wind direction, and daylighting are key considerations for biophilic design for most indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Center for Environmental Protection / MVA

April 29, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

The CZO Building (Center for Environmental Protection) is located in the Municipality of Krapinske Toplice, in the northwestern part of Croatia. The building contains both the office and service spaces of the local Voluntary Fire Brigade. It is conceived as a mono-volume of a varying profile – both in plans and in sections. The building includes a central two-story office core, multiple spaces for vehicles and equipment, and a fire tower.

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Service Building Kreuzbergpass / Pedevilla Architects + willeit architektur

April 15, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

As the nature park administration’s concept, distinctive and recognizable buildings are to be realized at individual strategically important locations in the “Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site” area. Among these is the Kreuzbergpass, which at 1,636m above sea level is the easternmost gateway to the nature park – making it an important starting point for numerous hiking tours and other leisure activities in the mountains.

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Little Faktory Hair Studio / Westblom Krasse Arkitektkontor

April 1, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

Hair, style, and color studio for award-winning colorist and stylist Sofia Geideby. 220 square meter basement in Stockholm, formerly used as an office space, was stripped down to its over hundred-year-old original state, revealing beautiful concrete walls and an industrial steel structure. Our aim was to declutter the space and create one big open space, making the four pillars the heroes of the main room again.

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Kikkoman R&D Center / Nikken Sekkei

March 1, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

Connecting the environment with the city’s history – This project is a rebuild of the Kikkoman research laboratory in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, northeast of Tokyo. Soy sauce production began there more than 200 years ago when over a dozen families started a brewing cooperative, which eventually evolved into today’s Kikkoman. The area around the site is dotted with traditional streets that reflect this history. Kikkoman’s former research laboratory, by contrast, was a concrete building over 60 years old. We felt that for research on soy sauce and food products, a site sensitive to the changes of seasons, time, the five senses, and continuity with nature would be appropriate. In fact, our client requested a facility in which researchers could enjoy work while experiencing the nuanced shifts in the natural surroundings.

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MOTHERBKK Coffee Bar / Taste Space

February 21, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

From the micro-lot mountain beans to PAGA a micro-roastery in the heart of the city, each coffee bean contains a valuable journey its covers to reach the cup. The journey begins at the cultivation, coffee beans are carefully grown in sustainable practice in preserving the forest environment with the knowledge and heedfulness of farmers to produce coffee to the best of their ability. Being hand-picked and sorted, the beans are then placed on raised beds to be dried by the golden rays of the sun before the flavor complexity and taste characteristic of beans get developed in the roasting stage by experienced roasters. Lastly, the beans are executed into the specialty coffee experience through the creativity of baristas.