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Pirelli Learning Center / Onsite Studio

September 2, 2021 Alexandria Bramley 0

The new corporate building is located inside a historic industrial neighborhood north of Milan, Bicocca, transformed at the end of the 80s into a new residential and services district following a master plan designed by Vittorio Gregotti.

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Zonguldak Caves Visitor Center / Yalin Architectural Design

August 31, 2021 Paula Pintos 0

Zonguldak has geography with a wide spectrum in terms of the number of caves discovered and the cave features that emerged during the formative phases of the caves. The network of caves spread throughout the town offers a variety of travel options for local and foreign tourists, explorers, cave sportsmen. Zonguldak Caves Visitor Center aims to make this important potential accessible and visible.

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S.A.L.T House Visitors Center / S.E.E.D haus

August 26, 2021 Valeria Silva 0

S.A.L.T house stands for space for Air, Light, Tree. This project is designed to reinterpret the meaning of the sentence, “A room (or an architectural space) is not a room without natural light” in 『Louis I. Kahn — Light and Space』. Namely, the light lights up a space and the internal mood is created by the intensity of light. Therefore, the light provides meaning to the place.

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Marsk Tower / BIG

August 11, 2021 Paula Pintos 0

The 25-meter-high Marsk Tower – translated as “Marsh Tower” due to its location in the marshlands of Denmark’s popular National Park, Wadden Sea – offers expansive views of the natural environment. Appearing as a sculptural art object rising out of the landscape, Marsk Tower will function as an observation lookout that facilitates community as a key tourist landmark. A wheelchair-accessible tower, an elevator located in the core of the tower provides access via the ground level ramp. The tower’s simple design, defined by Corten steel materiality, exudes a natural aesthetic that blends with the surrounding environment while simultaneously becoming a new, visible destination in Denmark.

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House of Culture Toba Qom / OCA

August 11, 2021 Agustina Coulleri 0

“Ethnicity necessarily supposes a trajectory (…) and an origin (…). What would be characteristic of ethnic identities is that in them the historical actualization does not cancel the feeling of reference to the origin but even reinforces it. It is from the symbolic and collective resolution of this contradiction that comes to the political and emotional strength of ethnicity” Joao Pacheco de Oliveira. The development of the State, religion, and capital has destructured the indigenous socioeconomic organization, forcing the communities to integrate into the economic system, which seems to be the only way out of extreme poverty. How to see the future?

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Burnaby Campus Plaza Renewal / PUBLIC Architecture + Communication

July 31, 2021 Valeria Silva 0

Sensitive preservation of a heritage architectural masterwork, the SFU Plaza Renewal fulfills the University’s vision for dynamic integration of innovative education, cutting-edge research, and far-reaching community engagement. The upgrades to the outdoor central spine, a processional route of great significance to the campus, have greatly improved user experience by aesthetic renewal and improvement of the campus outdoor public space. 

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Korea National Arboretum Children’s Forest School / GEEUMPLUS

July 28, 2021 Hana Abdel 0

“Korea National Arboretum Children’s Forest School” is used as an educational and exhibition space to inform children about the importance of forests and the environment in a fun and easy way through the building and the exhibition of outdoor spaces.  The architectural concept is based on the biophilic design in which nature, ecosystem and architecture coexist. The first starting point of this project is the harmony between the building and the existing trees. We preserve the old fir and cypress trees and arrange the building around these trees. Thus, the building is surrounded by the existing trees, and the layout opens to the stream on the east side of the site where we can see the beautiful scenery naturally.

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Shanghai Astronomy Museum / Ennead Architects

July 20, 2021 Collin Chen 0

Designed by Ennead, the monumental new museum creates an immersive experience that places visitors in direct engagement with real astronomical phenomena. Through scale, form, and the manipulation of light, the building heightens awareness of our fundamental relationship to the sun and the earth’s orbital motion. At 420,000 square feet, the new astronomical branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum will be the largest museum worldwide solely dedicated to the study of astronomy.

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High Performance Surfing Center / Branco Cavaleiro Architects

July 9, 2021 Valeria Silva 0

A new program that arose from the needs linked to this sports activity. The proposed location for this building was a pine grove in Cabedelo, Viana do Castelo, a natural zone covering an extensive dune system. Its setting out is adjusted and adapted to the location of the existing pine trees, in an attempt to preserve its verticality, which helps define the image of the complex.