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Amant Art Campus / SO-IL

May 18, 2022 Paula Pintos 0

Amant is spread across three blocks of rapidly changing, industrial North Brooklyn. An innovative cultural incubator, the facility functions both privately and publicly, housing artist studios, galleries, offices, a performance space, and a cafe.

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DADE Gallery / Aether Architects

May 13, 2022 Collin Chen 0

The project is located in the OCT Loft, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The function is a space for the owners to meet friends, read and write, and also a gallery open to the public. Due to the composite character used: both private space and a public gallery, the renovation of the space mainly consider two factors: the relationship between the space and the owner and the relationship between the space and the exhibition.

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Oever Gallery / 5AM

A concrete canvas for contemporary art. Location. ‘Oever’ is Dutch for shore or bank. The concrete kind. This new art gallery is located in the East Bank harbor area of Ostend, the only genuine city on the Belgian coast. Popularly called ‘Bruxelles plage’, it was historically linked to the capital of Belgium. The beau monde of Brussels loved traveling there for a seaside getaway. Today you still feel the faded glory of what once was a rich city. The city is a haven for creatives and even has its own street art festival. A fitting location for a contemporary art gallery with its own in-house coffee shop and store concept.

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Sayer Street / Jan Kattein Architects + BD Landscape Architects

April 29, 2022 Bianca Valentina Roșescu 0

On a sliver of land just four meters wide, Sayer Street packs in the infrastructure to support all the social life which characterizes London’s best-loved high streets. Set against the construction hoarding for mixed-use development within the Elephant Park masterplan, the project complements the recently opened terrace of cafes and restaurants on the south of Sayer Street until the other half of the high street is complete.

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Ottawa Art Gallery Expansion / KPMB Architects

April 17, 2022 Paula Pintos 0

In Canada’s National Capital Region, the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG) and University of Ottawa (uOttawa) Theatre form part of a 17,435 m2 renovation and expansion to transform Ottawa’s heritage Arts Court into a mixed-used development. Located across from the Rideau Canal, the OAG builds on the legacy of a long institutional history as a destination for art in the city. In a city defined by heritage and brutalist-era architecture, the white cubist composition creates a striking contrast to its context of grey glass and masonry office towers. Two barrier-free entrances are linked, providing east-west pedestrian connectivity through the ground level. A signature destination restaurant and café, open to the public daily and in evenings, has further activates the revitalization of the precinct.

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Design Unit Studio / STA

April 8, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

The idea of the space began with the client’s brief, which was to have a very flexible office that could be easily transformed into an exhibition space or a place where he could organize small events, workshops, movie screenings, etc. We proposed the curtain as the main architectural element that could divide the space in a very soft way and enable the flexibility that was required. As soon as we started to explore fabric, its potential, and how to enhance its characteristics we started to think about a curved form.

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The Arches Gallery at Aberfoyle / Architectural & Planning Studio

March 2, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

In 2018 APS was commissioned by Nyangani Renewable Resources to design an Art Gallery on the grounds of Aberfoyle Lodge, Hauna, in the scenic Honde Valley. The first thing that we considered was the uniqueness of the site: nestled within a working tea estate, partially surrounded by temperate rainforest, it was paramount that the gallery is unique, and responds to its particular context. Several sites were considered, and eventually, one was selected for its incredible views and its proximity to the existing lodge.

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Nishiji Gallery and Office / KOMPAS

February 28, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

The project site locates along Chiba-Kaido Avenue in the historical part of Nishifunabashi, Chiba, near the Sengen Shrine on the hill with lush pine forests. The client, an art collector operating a real estate business, planned to build a new building on his parents’ property to accommodate his family’s residence and his company’s galleries & offices. Besides his parents’ house on the northern end of the property, most areas of the linear site closer to the road were relatively unplanned, with an old warehouse building and car parks mixed in the lush vegetation. Thus, our first approach was to organize the entire site so that the two families’ lives and the workspaces coexist comfortably, arranging site circulation and developing a sloped garden moderating the level differences between the two buildings.

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Gordon Gallery Jerusalem / Salty Architects

February 24, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

The Gordon Gallery’s new Jerusalem venue is an unusual step and the first time that a Tel Aviv-based gallery—one of the oldest and most successful— opens an additional venue in Israel’s capital. Gordon Gallery was established in Tel Aviv in 1966 by Yeshayahu (Shaya) Yariv. The new venue is located in the Sapir Center industrial area, in the city’s southwest, an area reminiscent of the Tel Aviv’s Kiryat Hamelacha, which has long been a pilgrimage site for art lovers. It is an area steeped in large industrial buildings, mostly housing light industry, but also several artist studios, yeshivas, as well as Bezalel Academy’s ultra-Orthodox branch Oman, located next door to the new gallery, on the third floor of building number 3.