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Longgang Core Area Overpasses Design / FCHA

October 11, 2022 Yu Xin Li 0

Project background
As a pilot area for the network integration of rail transit, bus and slow traffic system proposed by Shenzhen Municipal Government, the “Three Pavilions and One City” area in Longgang stipulates that the major developers must plan and implement the “Tri-Network Integration” transportation system within the scope of 0.8 square kilometers through the restriction of land development conditions. FCHA collaborates with Vanke Urban Research Institute to plan, design and implement the system, a total of 9 overpasses and weatherproof corridors along the street are set up in the central urban area of Longgang, connecting subway stations, bus stations, businesses and residential areas, which has the originally isolated and closed urban functional groups connected together in a three-dimensional way, which realizes the all-weather three-dimensional and convenient traffic network.

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ARTDBL Office / Daxing Jizi Design

October 10, 2022 Yu Xin Li 0

As one of the most influential professional art media in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, ARTDBL remains committed to producing truthful contents and insightful knowledge. Considering functional and practical purposes, the design aims at providing a quiet and undisturbed space for users to keep focused on contents production. To this end, all items in the space are designed as unnoticeable as possible to avoid distracting the users, and a quality space is created through delicate design of material and structural details.

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School of Environmental Studies Building / TJAD

May 10, 2022 Yu Xin Li 0

Project overview. The School of Environment Building is located in the west part of China University of Geosciences(Wuhan)Future City Campus, with a total land area of 14,460 ㎡ and a gross built area of 28,170 ㎡. The building provides laboratories, classrooms, offices, and lecture halls for teaching and researching environmental science. The design seeks to bridge the relationship between the landscape and architecture through a series of outdoor gardens and courtyards to promote communication and innovation.

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China Cereals and Oils Exhibition Center / Archermit

December 7, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

The project is located in Tangjianian, Xinhua Village, Jinjiang, Chongzhou city, Sichuan Province, where is about 50 kilometers (one-hour driving) away from the center of Chengdu. This is a typical Linpan in the west of Sichuan. The exhibition center and many Linpan are dotted between thousands of fertile fields. The forest is in the field, the courtyard is in the forest, the forest is planted with bamboo, white walls and green tiles, chickens and dogs, and small Bridges and running water can be seen everywhere. The original trees on the site are preserved and enclosed with the architecture to form four courtyards of different sizes. The trees and courtyards integrate with each other, creating the artistic conception of ”Place with a yard in the forest and a forest in the yard”. The classic Linpan image of “forest in the field and yard in the forest” is fully displayed in this place.

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With Joy Homestay NO.10 Courtyard / UPA

December 2, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

With Joy Homestay NO. 10 Courtyard is located at Erdaoguan, Jiudu River Town, Huairou District, Beijing, which is approximately six kilometers away from Huanghuacheng Water Great Wall. The Erdaoguan Great Wall was built in Southern Song Dynasty and it is an important part of the Great Wall in Beijing. This ancient Great Wall passes all through the village, and beacon towers and ruins of city walls can be seen everywhere.

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SND Sanya / Various Associates

November 28, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

The design scope mainly includes a public commercial area, new circulation route, art gallery, art shop, bookstore, and cafe, etc. A newly built staircase enhances the interaction between the ground floor and the first floor, with its pure form echoing the art gallery. “The overall project integrates the design from the outside to the inside, with a strong sense of unity. When conceiving the newly added commercial area, we tried to incorporate inclusiveness to harmonize the hotel, the commercial space, and tenants, without breaking the original design style of the hotel while highlighting the personality of the commercial area and brand stores”, Various Associates explained. 

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I Do Artist Store with Yue Minjun / AntiStatics Architecture

November 24, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

Immersive experience: primitive romantic space VS. bustling urban environment. The I Do artist store in Wuhan, China blends uniquely spatial and sculptural elements to create a highly expressive, embracing, and inspiring experience. The featured work of the collaboration between AntiStatics Architecture and renowned artist Yue Min Jun is specifically “the peaceful elephant,” symbolic within Chinese and Asian culture as a representation of “a peaceful world and mature grain in society.” Within the space, a smooth and fluid cave-like space is carved out of the interiors wrapping the visitors in a continuously fluid environment and drawing people through the floor plan. The detailing of the displays embedded within the walls and freestanding throughout the space suggest massive geologic formations emerging from the erosive spatial constructs of the interior. As a whole, the geometries present a diverse yet synergistic unity of form.

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Yihuang 1st High School Complex / Leeko Studio

November 23, 2021 Yu Xin Li 0

Since the well-known Dom-Ino prototype was proposed by Le Corbusier in 1914, it has been widely applicable to modern architectures mostly characterized by the interaction between horizontal floor slabs and vertical column grids. Even in the original open floor plan modular prototype, Le Corbusier left room for the interactive possibilities between the horizontal structure and vertical structure in construction details. While the vertical columns are required to be poured on-site, the horizontal floor slabs can be broken down into building blocks, which can be prefabricated in the factory and assembled on the construction site. This minimal, easy-to-build, and cost-effective space model not only makes it possible for mass production of space driven by the capital in the industry of architecture in the 20th century but also provides architects with a foundational frame for space design, paving the way for them to explore the infinite possibilities of space between grids and planes under appropriately confined conditions. Yihuang 1st High School Complex, a project recently completed by Leeko Studio, is designed based on Le Corbusier’s Dom-Ino prototype. Architect Leeko created an interlaced complex on campus with floor slabs overlapped on the 4500 square meters space. The complex responded to both the surroundings of the city and the campus with grid shifting and pivoting on the horizontal level, and it also fulfilled the different space spans requirements through overlapping and transferred structures at the vertical level. Ultimately, a competitive interaction between horizontal slabs and vertical column grids is formed to create an open and multi-functional complex on the campus.