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FEI X MIE Collaboration Store / NEME Studio Architects

April 4, 2022 Xiaohang Hou 0

The project is one of the symmetrical commercial buildings around the central axis of Foshan City. The original state is a 300-square-meter glass building, and its dullness can be imagined. The owners are a French dessert shop and wool felt art shop. How to combine two different types of spaces so that they can coexist harmoniously will be an interesting exploration. After communication, it was found that the glass curtain wall could not be changed, so we arranged a new facade image with stainless steel ribs, and at the same time gave the interior a looming feeling. The integrated design of the platform and outdoor seating replaces the temporary feeling of the slope, and at the same time forms a spacious outside swing area to make up for the lack of indoor dining space.

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Exploring Chinese Rural Construction Strategies Based On Diébédo Francis Kéré’s Philosophy

April 1, 2022 Xiaohang Hou 0

The immensity of China leads to the diversity of customs and climatic conditions. Each area has its own unique materials, construction methods, and climate adaptation measures. The regional characteristics of Chinese architecture are generally preserved in rural buildings. But we cannot overlook how contemporary technology may considerably improve the living and use conditions of rural buildings. What is the best way to create a balance between classic or inherent technology and new ones? How would the construction of rural architecture provide inspiration for the development of Chinese architectural cultural symbols?

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Explore the Road to Chinese Net Zero Architecture from Life Carbon Assessment (LCA)

March 25, 2022 Xiaohang Hou 0

Climate change mitigation has become a priority issue, with the architectural industry accounting for 38% of global energy-related CO2 emissions. In December 2015, the Paris Agreement proposed to limit global warming to less than 2 ℃ above pre-industrial levels and strive for no more than 1.5 ℃. The architectural industry must achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 in order to meet the Paris Agreement’s goal.

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ENSHADOER Store / say architects

March 7, 2022 Xiaohang Hou 0

A new interpretation of a 10 decades-old building. Established in 2012, ENSHADOER® is a functional clothing brand that acquired inspiration from fixed-gear bicycle sport at the earliest time in the domestic, say architects were commissioned to design the first offline store located in Nanyu street of Hangzhou. Review the past decade, a developing golden era for both the brand and Hangzhou City. say introduced the industrial materials used in the city’s construction and start a conversation across time between the brand and the site.

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Eastern Greater Bay Area Experimental School / CMAD Architects

March 4, 2022 Xiaohang Hou 0

Beginning. As the imbalance between the surge in education demand and the shortage of land in Shenzhen exacerbates, architectural density has been largely increased in campuses. The buildings of primary and secondary schools in Shenzhen have been growing higher, and in some cases, they have exceeded the height limit of 24 meters. Students are most in need of an environment that allows them to stay close to nature. Under the current educational model, the vertical extension of campus buildings simply cuts off the spatial bond between the campus, the community and the nature. The stressful transformation of campus architecture in a density-oriented manner turns into a growth cage for students.

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National Biathlon Center / THAD

March 2, 2022 Xiaohang Hou 0

National Biathlon Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Biathlon Center”) is one of the main competition venues in Zhangjiakou Zone of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. During the games, it will undertake all competitions of the biathlon of the Winter Olympic Games and the biathlon and cross-country ski of the Winter Paralympic Games, setting a total of 11 gold medals of the Winter Olympic Games and 38 gold medals of the Winter Paralympic Games, and is the venue with the largest number of gold medals in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. The venue covers an area of 132hm2, the construction area of the technical building of the track venue is 7,644m2, the total area of the track is 113,000 m2, the total length is 13km, the highest altitude is 1,766m and the lowest altitude is 1,657m.

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Southwest Elementary School / MINAX Architects

March 1, 2022 Xiaohang Hou 0

When the Tianmu Mountains rush from south to north to Taihu Lake, the steep ridges and ravines of that time have slowly submerged into the vast lakeside plain at this moment. People built cities between the lake and the mountains and created the wealthiest and most romantic area in China, Jiangnan. The Southwest Elementary School is located between the mountain and the city. Taking advantage of the beauty of the landscape, it begins a construction journey of “patrolling the eaves of the wind and the moon, reclusion in landscape”.

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QYF Boutique / Sun Concepts Office

March 1, 2022 Xiaohang Hou 0

Sun Concepts Office did image design for QYF, a multi-brand boutique with a 20-year history. The store brings about new consumption patterns and lifestyle trends for local consumers. With the modernist aesthetics as the standard design approach, Sun Concepts Office turned the boutique into a high-end brand. By making ingenious use of geometry and colors, the hard metal, stone, and glass materials convey the key information that this store collects female brands, and reflects the brand tone that advocates independence and freedom of modern women.

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Zhujiajiao Tourist Center / Wuyang Architecture

February 28, 2022 Xiaohang Hou 0

Zhujiajiao Tourist Center is located on the west-north corner of Zhujiajiao old town, which is a historical conservation area in Qingpu District, Shanghai. The site is also a cross-boundary between historical area and the new town developed in the past twenty years. The context of the project, therefore, is twofold: on one hand, a local historical feature of the old town, and the spatial condition of a new urban environment on the other hand. How to respond to such a context, is the start point of design thinking for the new building.

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The Roof House / guò bàn ér

February 25, 2022 Xiaohang Hou 0

Located around 60 km north of Beijing’s city center at the foothills of the Great Wall of China, the architects were given the task to add a modest extension to a vacant rural house. By extending the original roof slope of the existing dwelling, 过半儿 guò bàn ér constructed an additional 120 square meters of living area. The extension placed at the garden level creates a much-intended split level between the dining area and the living room. The newly added pitched roof shelters the core social areas of the house. The roof kinks up at its east-side and west-side, accommodating a tea room and a small spa area.