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“Images Tell the Truth of the Author”: Behind the Scenes with Pablo Casals-Aguirre

January 7, 2022 Victor Delaqua 0

In this episode of “Behind the Scenes”, where we showcase the work of visionary photographers and ask about their experiences beyond what is seen by the public, we present Pablo Casals-Aguirre, an architect, professor, photographer, and filmmaker based in Santiago, Chile. Here, he shares his methodology, which he developed with references to cinema, and highlights his intentions of translating the best architectural works into imagery – be it still or in movement.

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“Universal Representation Is Utopian”: Erica Malunguinho Talks About Urban Equity

October 26, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

When crossing a space, a body carries within it many meanings. The reading that translates into this person-architecture dialogue, and the sensations that arise from it, demonstrate much of the social inequality and violent structures intrinsic to the Western imagination, which privileges the same standard: the white man. Finding a place of rebalancing in which it is possible to create an alternation of power —in race and gender – is a commitment by Erica Malunguinho.

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Is There a Solution to Inequality in Latin American Cities?

October 6, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

The concept of equity is different from equality; equity means everyone needs support, but not necessarily in the same way. Therefore, the concept of urban equity allows us to preserve the uniqueness of each region of a municipality, protecting diversity and richness without overlooking infrastructure needs, which directly affect the quality of public space and the basic services required for a private residence – it allows us to design and invest in the city fairly, regardless of the region.

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Traditional Techniques Applied to Contemporary Architecture in the Amazon

September 28, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

The architecture of indigenous peoples is deeply rooted in their surroundings, in the sense that materials are locally sourced and empirically tested, to discover the construction techniques and dwellings that best respond to the values of the community and their understanding of housing. The situation in the Amazon is no different. Many different groups of people have settled on the land and water, developing many unique building skills that attract a lot of architects working in these regions. As a result, there is an exchange of knowledge, combining native cultures and novel architecture.

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Fluid Facades: Creating Movement in Architecture With Curtains

August 3, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

Curtains can provide a freer and more dynamic flow in architecture. These elements are usually intended to protect the interior from sunlight or create visual privacy, but they are also used as decoration or as room dividers. Since they are very movable and flexible, curtains are becoming a popular choice for architects and interior designers, creating layers between interior and exterior spaces that transform the environment through light and shade. Here, we have gathered some examples of projects that use curtains, particularly in the facades, showing how this solution can affect the overall impression of the design.

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A Brief History of Automation in Architecture

July 12, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

Efficiency in the construction site by reducing waste and lowering costs, improving safety through better planning, and introducing machines to assist in the construction and design process. These benefits can be achieved through automation in architecture, but for technology to reach this point of empowering and supporting creativity while also improving efficiency, we have come a long way. To understand how automation developed and the prospects it offers for architecture, here is a brief timeline.

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The Perfect Render: Understanding and Mastering Rendering Techniques

May 7, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

Rendering has become indispensable to most architectural offices. To understand how these images can assist during the design process, how they have evolved, and especially, what aspects should be considered to create an outstanding visualization of a project, we talked to Guilherme Bravin and Marcus Vinicius Damon, co-founders of Estúdio Módulo, and coordinators of {CURA}, an open architecture school focused mainly on architectural visualization.